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Anchor, Bow, Chain, and D Shackles
Crosby® Shackles
Crosby® Shackles

Crosby® shackles have been an industry leader for quality for more than 50 years. We're pleased to sell a wide variety of sizes and styles, from simple bolt type Crosby® anchor shackles to SlingSaver® screw pin shackles, and heavy duty Crosby® chain shackles.

Shackles from Crosby® offer many design benefits to assure quality, including:

  • The highest design factor in the industry: 6 to 1.
  • Closed die forging for consistent dimensions. Crosby® hardware shackles are fatigue-rated as well as load-rated.
  • All bows and pins are quenched and tempered to enhance performance in cold temps and adverse conditions. The quench and temper process results in a toughness that reduces the risk of failure.
  • Identification and application information is forged on each product for traceability.

    Each Crosby® shackle (with the exception of 2160, 2169, 252 and 253), has QUIC-CHECK® angle indicators forged into the shackle bow at 45 degree angles from vertical. These allow users of screw pin and bolt type shackles to quickly check the approximate angle of a two-legged hitch, or the angle of a single leg hitch when the shackle pin is secured and the pull of the load is off vertical (side loaded), which results in a reduction of the shackle's working load limit.

    For round pin shackles, the 45 degree QUIC-CHECK® indicators can be used to ensure load is applied strictly in-line.

    If you have questions about any of the Crosby® rigging shackles we sell, give us a call. Our product specialists will be happy to help with product information. They can also help track down a product you need if you don't see it listed here.