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D Ring Shackles
D Ring Shackles

A galvanized D ring shackle is excellent for towing, recovery and hitch applications, so it's also known in the industry as a clevis shackle, hitch shackle, or tow shackle.

it's important to remember that D ring shackles are intended for straight line pulling as side pulls can twist or bend a D-shaped shackles.

D ring shackles are available in a screw pin style and a bolt-type style, and have a galvanized finish to protect against typical corrosion and rust. If you need a D ring shackle for use in more damp or marine environments, check our selection of stainless steel shackles .

Screw pin D-ring shackles

These galvanized chain shackles are excellent for use with web towing and recovery straps. When paired with chain, they provide a connecting link to connect to other hardware. it's important to note that they should be used only with single leg web straps and chain lengths, as multiple legs could cause side loading conditions.

Bolt-type D-ring shackles

Bolt type shackles are generally a better choice than a screw pin shackle in two situations: 1) in long-term, or more permanent applications; or 2) if there"s a risk of a load sliding on the shackle pin, causing the shackles to rotate.

This safety measure from the use of a bolt/nut/cotton pin is the reason these bolt-type shackles are also known as safety anchor shackles.

Not sure which D-ring shackles are right for your application? Need a custom order? Call to talk to one of our product experts. They can provide additional information and can also place an order for you.