Crosby® S-252 Sling Saver Bolt Type Anchor Shackles

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    • Width refers to the webbing width this shackle can accommodate.
    • Compatible with synthetic web and round slings.
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Bolt-Type Anchor Web Sling Shackles

Designed for connecting synthetic web slings and round slings to eye bolts, lifting lugs, and pad eyes.

The expanded radius of the bow creates a wider sling-bearing surface, creating an increased load distribution area. This increases the efficiency of the sling by at least 15% over standard chain and anchor bows and traditional eye hooks. The wider surface also creates better load distribution of the web fibers.

Secures with a bolt/nut/cotter pin configuration; also available with a screw pin closure.

All alloy construction with a design factor of 5 to 1. All Crosby® shackles are manufactured with the working load limit and product identification information embossed.

Crosby S-252 Sling Sling Compatibility

SKU Crosby Part # Web Sling Eye Width
Round Sling Types Working Load Limit
BPSSS3-14T-CR 1020485 1 1 & 2 3.25
BPSSS6-12T-CR 1020496 1-1/2 3 & 4 6.5
BPSSS8-34T-CR 1020507 2 5 & 6 8.75
BPSSS12-12T-CR 1020518 3 7 & 8 12.5
BPSSS20-12T-CR 1020529 4 9 & 10 20.5
BPSSS35T-CR 1020540 5 11 & 12 35
BPSSS50T-CR 1020551 6  13 50

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