Crosby® G-2140E Bolt Type Easy-Loc Shackles

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    • Easy-Loc bolt securement system reduces install time by up to 90%
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The revolutionary Crosby® G-2104E Alloy Easy-Loc® Shackle reduces heavy lift install and release time by as much as 90% over traditional securement methods. This ASME B30.26 compliant shackle helps you achieve this massive time savings because it does not require a nut and cotter pin for critical lifts. The innovative bolt securement system on the Crosby® G-2104E shackle requires no tools and makes the forged alloy steel shackle 60% lighter compared to nut and cotter pin shackles.

This Crosby® Easy-Loc® Shackle also has the new Wide Grip shackle bolt handle, built in tether points, and is quenched and tempered to meet DNV impact requirement of 31 ft-lbs. at -4 degrees.

Working load limits on these RFID equipped G-2104E Easy-Loc® Shackles range from 200 metric tons up to 250 metric tons and each shackle has its working load limit permanently stamped on. All are proof tested to 2X the working load limit.