Bolt Type Anchor Shackles - Galvanized

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Bolt type shackles can be used in applications where round pin or screw pin shackles are used. However, a bolt type shackle is a better choice in permanent or long-term applications, or if there"s a risk of a load sliding on the shackle pin, causing it to rotate. The added safety measure from bolt/nut/cotter pin is the reason these shackles are also called safety anchor shackles.

Our galvanized bolt type / safety anchor shackles feature a zinc oxide coating for protection against rust and corrosion. A galvanized coating also gives the steels a more durable finish that's more difficult to scratch and ding. Galvanized bolt type anchor shackles are also more cost effective than a stainless steel bolt type anchor shackle.

We offer 1/2" galvanized bolt type shackles up to 2 1/2". As with every shackle, bolt type shackles have the size and working load limit permanently embossed for quick and easy identification.

Other bolt type anchor shackle options

We offer other import bolt type shackles and domestic shackle brands to serve a range of customer"s needs. Most of our customers prefer and purchase shackles made in in the USA, but all of our import bolt type anchor shackles meet federal specifications for safety, just as USA-made shackles are required.


Crosby® bolt type anchor shackles are a high-quality domestic option that offer design benefits such as the highest design factor in the industry to ensure strength, ductility, and fatigue properties are met.

Chicago Hardware

Chicago hardware bolt type anchor shackles are the other domestic bolt shackle option we offer.

Van Beest

Van Beest bolt type anchor shackles are a high-quality, European-made rigging product that meets all industry standards. Van Beest shackles are easy to spot because they have a signature green pin.

Not sure which bolt type anchor shackles are right for your application or need a custom order? Call to talk to one of our product experts.