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Crosby® S-281 Sling Saver Web Sling

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Crosby® Web Sling Shackle - Screw Pin - S-281

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Squared shape is excellent for for connecting synthetic web slings and round slings to eye bolts, lifting lugs, and pad eyes.

The increased radius of the bow creates a wider sling-bearing surface, resulting in an increased area for load distribution. This increases the efficiency of the sling by at least 15% over standard chain and anchor bows and traditional eye hooks. The wider surface also creates better load distribution of the internal web fibers.

All alloy construction with a design factor of 5 to 1 and screw pin closure. All Crosby® shackles are manufactured with the working load limit and product identification information embossed for quick and easy identification.

Not sure which type of Crosby® shackle is best for your lifting application? Give our sales team a call, they'll be happy to provide more information or place an order for you.

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