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Moving Straps & Mover Bands

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TeamStrap Furniture Moving Straps

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Moving Straps Combo - Teamstrap & Forearm Forklift

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Forearm Forklift Moving Straps

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Shoulder Dolly Moving Strap

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Big Rubber Bands | 25" - 50" Diameter | 1 Dozen


Big Rubber Bands | 30" - 60" Diameter | 1 Dozen


Big Rubber Bands | 36" - 72" Diameter | 1 Dozen


Oversized Rubber Bands | 42" - 84" Diameter | 1 Dozen


Extra Large Moving Bands Multi-length - 36 Pack

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Standard Mover Band Holder - 3.5" Hooks x 17" Long


Mattress Sling

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Canvas Mattress Carrier

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2" x 100' Cotton Strapping


Piano Moving Strap

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1.5" x 36" Black Cinch Strap

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1.5" x 60" Black Cinch Strap

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Moving heavy or bulky furniture and appliances can be difficult, time-consuming and even risky for your back and neck muscles. Whether you're an experienced mover, organizing your first big move, or just need to rearrange heavy items already in your home, using the right equipment for the job can make a real difference.

Check out our lifting straps for moving and furniture sliders, as well as our moving dollies, which can also make moving heavy items so much easier. And don't forget large rubber bands and cinch straps - they're also essentials in moving larger items.

Not sure where to buy moving straps or what movers bands or other supplies you'll need for a moving job? Call our sales team. Our professional moving supply experts will be happy to help you find what you need. A moving strap is the single most important item you can have when moving large, heavy and/or bulky items like furniture, mattresses or appliances. Big items like these are not only difficult to get a good grip on, lift, and walk, but the bending and twisting puts an enormous strain on back muscles.

Moving straps like our Forearm Forklift lifting straps, Teamstrap or Shoulder Dolly work by distributing the weight of a heavy item so larger muscle groups like the legs and shoulders also work in the lifting and carrying process. The leverage between the two people wearing the mover straps means there's no need to bend over or stoop down to pick up the item, which reduces the strain on back muscles. Because the moving lifting straps essentially hold the item, the movers" hands are free to guide it when walking.

These lifting moving straps, also known as a hump strap, movers straps, appliance lifting straps, furniture lifting straps, or hump straps are easily adjustable to fit and can move an item weighing up to 700 lbs.

Furniture sliders (also sometimes called furniture glides, furniture pads, or furniture moving pads) can also be invaluable when moving heavy items. Simply place these economical easy movers under the item, and it's suddenly much easier to slide where you need it go. But don't keep an easy slider just for moving- having some furniture movers sliders around the house will come in handy when it's time to rearrange furniture, move items during a remodel, or even cleaning behind furniture and appliances.

Another type of equipment in the moving bands category includes large rubber mover bands and cinch straps. Moving rubber bands are perfect for securing a moving blanket or pad around a piece of furniture to protect it during transit or while in storage. We offer four sizes of these versatile mover bands: Big (25"), Large (30"), Extra large (36"), and Oversized (42"). Measured flat before stretching, these rubber bands for moving jobs stretch to over twice their length. Unlike tape, these oversized bands are re-usable and leave no messy sticky adhesive film behind, so they're great for strapping around dressers, armoires, etc., to keep drawers and doors closed during transit. Sold in packages of 12, add a few different sizes of rubber moving bands to your list of moving straps supplies so you'll always have some on hand.

Velcro cinch straps are another piece of moving strap equipment you'll find invaluable. These heavy duty straps are great for organizing and securing hoses, cords, cables, wires, or anything else you need to band together for transit. Three different sizes of cinch straps are available at US Cargo Control: 18", 36", 60". Constructed of a durable hook and loop material, cinch straps are fully adjustable and reusable.

Along with straps for moving and cinching and large moving rubber bands, stretch plastic wrap will also come in handy when moving items, whether large or small. Sometimes called "pallet wrap" for its use by manufacturers in securing items together on a pallet, its strength and durability also make it ideal for any kind of move- large or small. Great for protecting, connecting and containing small and large items, this versatile clear wrap is easy to use and remove, and leaves no sticky residue like tape can. Use it to wrap around furniture and appliances to protect them from tears, dings and scratches (for added padding, cover the item with a furniture pad or thin moving blanket, and use the stretch plastic wrap to keep it secure). Also perfect for wrapping mattresses, futon mattresses, rugs, carpet, or any other item that easier to carry when it's bound. It's also ideal for wrapping multiple smaller items to keep them together, such as cords for electronics.

Moving can be a big job, and the right tools can make a big difference, from moving blankets and heavy duty elastic moving bands to back-friendly moving straps. Where to buy your moving supplies? Look no further than US Cargo Control. You'll find movers lifting straps for furniture, furniture slides, moving bands like cinch straps and elastic bands, stretch wrap and more. If you have questions regarding any of our moving supplies, call us. One of our trained moving supplies professionals will be happy to assist you.

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