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Straightpoint Cabled Loadshackle
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Straightpoint Cabled Loadshackle

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Straightpoint® 12 T Loadshackle - SLB12T

Standard Lead Time 2-4 days.

Straightpoint® 25 T Loadshackle - SLB25T

Standard Lead Time 2-4 days.

Straightpoint® 55 T Loadshackle - SLB55T

Standard Lead Time 2-4 days.

Straightpoint® 85 T Loadshackle - SLB85T

Standard Lead Time 5-7 days.
Cabled Loadshackles from Straightpoint offer reduced overall weight and headroom, making them ideal for low headroom applications. Straightpoint Loadshackles are made using Crosby brand shackles, a trusted industry leader. These all come with a 32-foot output cable that is designed for use with digital external displays including the Straightpoint Handheld plus, PLCs, data acquisition systems (DAQ), etc. and configured with a vast array of output formats. Whether used in heavy lifting, mooring anchor placement, or sub-sea applications, Straightpoint’s Cabled Loadshackles offer robust construction, advanced electronics, industry leading resolution, and accuracy all at a cost-effective, affordable price. Straightpoint cabled Loadshackles are also environmentally sealed to IP67 and, as an option, sealed for permanent submersion for sub-sea use. All Straightpoint Loadshackles comply with ASME B30.26 and feature a load-centering bobbin.

We also offer wireless loadshackles.