Custom Outrigger Pads

Get outrigger pads that are perfectly suited to your application by filling out our custom outrigger request form below or by calling our team of product specialists.

Application Information

Why is this information important? The type of equipment you are using, the ground conditions, and the outrigger size can all affect what pad you require.

Knowing the make and model of your crane, digger derrick, etc. will allow us to come up with initial recommendations using the maximum outrigger reaction force, then we'll work with you to find the best size for your ground conditions and objective.

Custom Crane Pad Specifications

If there are any definite features you are looking for in the pad, let us know here!

Crane Mat Colors

Black is standard, but if you need a better option in terms of visibility, orange and yellow are also available.

Crush Rating

The crush rating is the maximum allowable pressure in pressure per square inch.

Form Follow-Up

After you've submitted the form, you will receive a call from a member of our sales team to discuss your project and provide a quote.