Shoring Beams

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Shoring Beams

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92" Adjustable Aluminum Shoring Beam - Extends to 103"

Extends from 92" to 103"
You save 23%

86" Adjustable Aluminum Shoring Beam - Extends to 97"

Extends from 86" to 97"
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93" Aluminum Shoring Beam with Flat Latch Release - Extends to 103"

Extends from 93" to 103"


85" Aluminum Shoring Beam w/ Patented Locking Ends - Extends to 96"

Extends from 85" to 96"


93" Ancra Aluminum Shoring Beam w/ Patented Locking Ends: Extends to 103"

Extends from 93" to 103"


92" Adjustable Steel Shoring Beam - Extends to 103"

Extends from 92" to 103"


Wood End Socket for E-Track

SKU: WES-100

Replacement Channel Assembly for Shoring Beams


Yellow Rack™ Shoring Beam Holder

Holds up to 6 load bars


Shoring Beam Attachment Pin


Cargo Wood Beam Brackets for Load Bars

Standard Lead Time 2-5 business days.
Starting at

Decking Beams

Shoring beams, also known as decking beams, are a versatile addition to your cargo securement setup.

Their primary purpose is to safely secure your cargo inside your trailer to prevent shifting. This protects the surrounding cargo and your trailer from movement-related damage.

The other popular usage is to create decking. Simply add two or more shoring beams at the same height on your E-track, then secure a piece of plywood to the tops. This shelving allows you to make the most of your valuable trailer space - you can store smaller cargo, create a secondary level of shoring beam barriers, and more. See photos of shoring beams in action from one of our customers!

Note: Make sure the cargo you are storing on your decking does not exceed the working load limit of your decking beams.

Attaching Shoring Beams

Shoring beams attach to your trailer walls, ceiling, or floor using a cargo securement system called E-track

Each end has an E-track fitting, and their length is adjustable, so customizing your setup is simple. When you are ready to take the beams down, the easy-to-use release mechanism can be operated even while wearing safety gloves.

Decking Beam Construction

We carry two options: steel decking beams and aluminum shoring beams.

Aluminum load bars are high-strength yet lightweight with a working load limit of 2,200 lbs.

The steel version is durable and strong, with a working load limit of 1,500 lbs.

Wood End Sockets

Create your own decking beam with wood end sockets. This socket clips into your E-track and can hold a piece of 2x4 lumber.

Shoring Beam Accessories

Keep your shoring beams secure when not in use with a shoring beam holder. It can contain up to six bars, or it can be used to hold ratchet straps, shovels, or other trailer equipment.

We also sell replacement attachment pins and channel assemblies.

Logistics Bar Questions?

Call to speak to one of our product experts today for knowledgeable guidance, bulk quotes, and even help placing an order!

Decking beams not quite what you were looking for? Check out our full line of load locks, including cargo bars and E-track load bars. Other cargo containment solutions are available too, including cargo nets and E-track straps.

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