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Comprehensive Ratchet Strap Selection

Our ratchet straps are available in so many sizes and styles, there is something for almost every type of tie down application. Primarily made using polyester webbing, these durable straps are ideal for both flatbed and enclosed trailer use. Polyester is extremely strong, with very little stretch, and can secure your load with ease.

To ensure safe transport for both your cargo and your staff, all of our ratchet straps have been extensively tested for safe use, and have labels with working load limit (WLL) information. Most also meet requirements / guidelines from several key authorities:

  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA)
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Web Sling & Tie Down Association (WSTDA)
  • North American Cargo Securement

Not sure exactly what you are looking for? Below is an outline of some of the different ratchet load strap features you can choose from.

Ratchet Strap Width

Ranging from 1-4” wide, each size is made from industrial-grade webbing and has a number of potential applications.

1 inch ratchet straps tend to be used for more light-duty projects, and are easier to store due to their smaller size.

If you are using E-track or L-track, chances are you are looking for a 2 inch ratchet strap. They are the most commonly-used size, and can handle most tie-down jobs.

Need something a little more heavy-duty? 3 inch ratchet straps are designed for many of the heaviest applications and can provide a break strength of up to 15,000 pounds.

Go above and beyond with a 4 inch ratchet strap - these provide break strengths of 15,000 pounds and over!

Ending Fitting Options

The end hardware is just as important as the strap width - it can affect factors like WLL and E- and L-track compatibility. Choose from flat hooks, wire hooks, chain extensions, S hooks, snap hooks, and more about End Fitting Options here!

Custom Tie Down Straps

Don't see what you're looking for? Custom ratchet straps are always an option. Whether you need one simple assembly or multiple intricate configurations, we can use any combination of strap size and fittings to create the perfect tie down solution. Just fill out our form or call one of our product experts to learn more!

Replacement Tie Straps

Have a tie down strap with broken hardware, a worn ratchet, or a weak spot in the webbing? Buying replacement tie down straps is an excellent way to give new life to old assemblies - you buy only the strap component that you need to replace! Choose from two main styles: (1) a bolt loop end with hook or chain extension on the opposite end or (2) a ratchet end with hook or chain extension on opposite end.

Tie Down Accessories & Alternatives

Don't forget to check out our accessories and alternatives.

Cordura® wear sleeves for webbing are available in all four width options and offer a layer of durable protection to extend the life of the ratchet strap.

If your tie down application requires more stretch, see our selection of nylon straps and buckles/hardware.

Wholesale Ratchet Tie Down Straps

Looking to purchase cargo ratchet straps in bulk quantities? Contact us to learn if you qualify - our sales team is always happy to discuss your needs.

How To Use Ratchet Straps

Watch the video below to learn how to thread and release ratchet straps:

For information on how to use these products for specific applications, explore our content library:

Check out our Transport Chain and Load Binders page for more tie down options.

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