How to Use an Endless Ratchet Strap

What is an Endless Ratchet Strap?

An endless ratchet strap is a tie down strap designed to bundle or band large or small items together. It works great for use on a pallet, moving dolly, crates, etc. Also known as "endless loop ratchet straps" or just "endless straps," these products come with a ratchet that accepts the opposite end of the webbing, which creates a loop to better secure your cargo.

Using our endless straps makes tying down cargo safer and much more secure. Other tie downs, however, rely on hooking end fittings to different anchor points or even to each other. Therefore, by looping the strap through the ratchet, it bundles the cargo tight and prevents moving or shifting.

Read our step-by-step guide on how to properly use an endless ratchet strap, or follow our video guide above. Be sure to check our our product listings below, as well:

How to Tie Down Cargo with an Ratchet Strap

threading strap through ratchet to tighten cargo

1. Unravel the Strap

First, you'll want to feed the strap through the bottom of the pallet, keeping the strap going the same direction as the fork truck tines. Consequently, this prevents the strap from being damaged by the tines.

2. Feed Through the Ratchet

Next, bring the loose end of the strap over the top of the pallet and feed the webbing onto the mandrel take up spool of the ratchet. Pull the extra webbing through so that the slack is out of the strap. Failure to perform this step will result in too much webbing being spooled onto the take-up spool and will cause it to jam before the strap is fully tightened. In severe cases you will damage the ratchet assembly and/or you will have to cut the webbing off.

3. Use Corner Protectors

Place corner protectors as needed over the edges of the cargo. This is especially useful if you have cardboard boxes or fragile cargo that will cave in or break when the strap is tightened. Corner protectors are also good for protecting the strap from abrasive cargo such as bricks to increase their life expectancy.

4. Ratchet the Strap Down

Once you've removed the extra slack from the strap, you can begin to ratchet it down to your desired tension.

For more information or to purchase products in this video, click on the links below:

endless ratchet strap with red webbing

Endless Straps at U.S. Cargo Control

We offer 1" straps that come in a variety of widths, length, and colors:

Our 2" straps provide equal durability and strength with additional coverage for heavier loads:

If you want an option for more fragile loads, then endless cam buckle straps work the best for your need. Cam buckles cannot be overtightened the same way a ratchet strap can. Use an endless cam buckle strap the same way you would a ratchet strap to tie down cargo.

We also offer custom tie down straps if you don't see what you're looking for. Fill out the form to customize your straps, from webbing, color, end fitting, and custom tags. If you still have concerns going through the form, please reach out to our experts to provide assistance.

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