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image of a 1 x 15 endless cam buckle strap

How to Use Endless Cam Buckle Straps

Like ratchet straps, endless cam buckle straps work great for secure items bundled together, attach cargo to pallets, and secure crates closed. Also known as "endless straps," these products come without hooks or other end fittings on the end.

But the method of tightening with a cam buckle makes it less likely that you’ll over-tighten and damage cargo. Cam buckles tighten by pulling the strap rather than with a ratcheting action. The strap wraps around the item to be secured and feeds back in through the ratchet's mandrel. The tension of the strap becomes as tight as your strength allows.

Cam straps are ideal for securing cargo on a pallet, trailer, or in a truck, but they’re also a great all-purpose strap for use around the home, shop, garage, farm, etc. An endless cam buckle strap is a one-piece design so it's easy to use and to store. Be sure to check out other types of endless straps, such as boat winch straps, endless ratchet straps, and action spring buckles straps. 

View a more detailed video on how to use either a ratchet strap or cam strap:

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