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10 Ways to Store Tie Down Straps

10 Ways to Store Tie Down Straps

10 Ways to Store Tie Down Straps

After an un-official poll on our US Cargo Control Facebook page, some of our customers replied and sent us messages with great ideas on how to store tie down straps.

First, before storing them away for any period of time, it’s important to make sure the webbing is clean and dry- be sure and check out our How to Inspect, Clean, and Store Tie Down Straps article for more information. Also keep in mind that even though it’s tempting to just throw straps in a pile or bucket, taking the time to wind up a strap is also an ideal time to inspect the webbing for rips, tears, and abrasions.

Some of the great tie down storage ideas we received: Plastic zip ties. Traditional zip ties are generally a one-time use, so these are great if you intend to secure and store away your tie downs for awhile. If you use your straps repeatedly, then pick up the reusable zip ties that have a release mechanism.

Plastic Stretch Wrap - SW31000
Plastic Stretch Wrap SW31000

Plastic stretch wrap.

Popular in the moving industry, stretch wrap is great because it can secure cargo compactly, yet is re-positionable and doesn’t have sticky adhesive to leave residue behind. For tie down straps, wind up tightly and roll a few layers of stretch wrap around to keep in place.

Cinch Strap - BSC36
Cinch Strap BSC36

Rubber bands

Simple, fast and easy, but these can quickly become brittle and break. This is especially true with extended sun exposure or extreme temperatures, so you may need to replace often. Another variation that will last a bit longer: elastic hair bands.

Cinch strap

Velcro cinch straps are great for securing a loop of webbing. If you have a trailer with E-track installed, you can loop the strap through an E-track fitting with O-ring to keep straps up and off the floor.

Plastic freezer bags

Gallon-sized plastic bags work great to not only secure the strap in a loop, they’ll keep them dry too. Gallon-sized bags will accommodate 1" straps. Larger-sized bags with 2-gallon, 3-gallon, and larger sizes are becoming more common and are great for storing straps with wider webbing.

Bungee Ball - BBB6-100PK
Bungee Ball BBB6-100PK

Bungee balls

These handy ties come in a bulk package of 100 so you’ll have plenty to wrap up your tie down straps, and some left over for other uses: securing canopies, keeping box lids closed, anchoring yard ornaments, bundling tent poles, etc.

Bungee Cords - BC3836-10PK
Bungee Cords BC3836-10PK

Tackle box

Pick up one with dividers; they’re great for storing smaller 1" straps. An old briefcase is another idea for larger straps. The narrow height keeps them rolled and intact.

Bungee cords

Like bungee balls, the uses are endless with bungee. Our bungee cord selection comes in a wide range of sizes, sure to fit around even your largest 4" winch straps or ratchet straps.

Plastic storage boxes

These are a great idea if you'll be keeping them on a shelf in a garage or shed. Plastic storage boxes come in so many sizes, find one that's small enough to keep the strap wrapped compactly. Be sure to purchase boxes with clear sides so you can easily see what's inside without having to open the box. Most have a molded lid design that makes them easy to stack, too.

Shock Cord - SHC18COIL

Shock Cord SHC18COIL

Shock cord

Lightweight shock cords makes it easy to make custom length straps, just by adding bungee hooks. BONUS TIP: If you work with a lot of tie down straps, especially the larger 3" and 4" widths, check out our Strap Winder.


For any questions on our tie down straps, please reach out to our product experts by calling (877) 904-9788 or by emailing today!

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