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10 Cargo Control Items Used By Farmers

10 Cargo Control Items Used By Farmers

Farmers use a LOT of cargo control equipment in their day-to-day tasks - maybe more than you realize.

Whether they are strapping equipment or supplies to a trailer to haul across the farm, or maybe it's extracting a stuck tractor out in a field, farmers rely on heavy-duty cargo equipment that can handle the wear and tear that comes with working on the farm. And with a tight window to do things like plant and harvest crops or deal with livestock, having these items around will keep operations running smoothly.

In celebration of National Farmers Day (Oct. 12th), we want to showcase the top cargo control items used commonly by farmers. 


Secured tractor and wagon on a flatbed semi trailer using tie down straps

1. Tie Down Straps

Tie down straps are sort of the “bread and butter” cargo item that every farmer should have available. They come in handy when they need to tie things down like equipment, seed pallets, or fertilizer barrels before transit. These straps are easy to use and keep things secure when they are hauling them around.

Our 1” straps and 2” straps work to secure just about everything a farmer would need on any truck or trailer. Plus, these tie down straps are made easy to clean, inspect, and store away when they aren’t in use.

All of our other tie down straps come in many different sizes and styles to cater to nearly every type of tie down application. From different strap widths to different end fittings, we have a lot of options to choose from. Some of the most common ratchet straps used on farms include:


2. D-Rings

Farmers turn to D-Rings when their trailers don't have any tie down anchor points of their own. These products give farmers the ability to customize their trailer tie down system by placing these anchor points however they see fit. Or if you don't need these rings on your trailer, then D-Rings work as an all-purpose loop that hooks onto anything. Set them up in your shed or shop to hang things on!

Farmers commonly use two different types of D-Rings:

Two bolt-on d-ringsBolt-On D-Rings
Bolt-On D-Rings have a bracket and two pre-drilled holes for easy mounting alongside a trailer. They can also be removed and rearranged to a different spot for a better tie down system. These D-Rings can fit any tie down such as bungee cords, straps, chain, ropes, and more.

Two weld-on D-ringsWeld-On D-Rings
For a more permanent and heavy-duty solution, weld-on D-Rings work the best. Farmers use these when they are hauling loads that require the same type of tie down style. Plus, these D-Rings can handle even the heaviest of loads - especially handy for things like equipment and heavy farming supplies.

    We offer more types of D-Rings that come in various sizes, finishes, working load limits, and break strengths. 


    3. Winches

    Farmers with semi-truck flatbed trailers use cargo tie down winches for a stronger hold on large and heavy farm items such as round hay bales, tractors, and other equipment. Placed beneath the flatbed trailer, or sometimes along the side, winches work in conjunction with winch straps to tighten the load together for secure transportation. Winch bars are used on the winch to tighten the strap and lock it in place.

    Our winches for flatbed trailers differ by size and by how to mount them onto the trailer. For sliding winches specifically, a winch track will be needed.

    4. Transport Chain (Grade 70)

    If not straps, then you'll most definitely find chain on the farm. There are so many ways that farmers use chain in their jobs, from tying equipment down to towing vehicles. Grade 70 transport chain is the standard chain used by farmers and most everyone, however grade 80, grade 100, and grade 120 chain assemblies are also available to use. Knowing the differences between chain grades will help determine which type of chain is right for you.

    Farmers also use chain binders to help tighten tie down chain on their loads. This makes for easy work and ensures that their items won't move out from under the chain. 


    5. Tarps

    Tarps are ideal for farmers who want to protect their cargo from the elements, but don't have the space to back their trailer up beneath a shed roof. All tarps from U.S. Cargo Control are made with a durable PVC-coated polyester material that's resistant to tearing, water, UV rays and mildew. 

    Machinery tarps and roll tarps tend to be the most commonly used among farmers to cover up machinery, grain carts, and wagons. However, for those with flatbed or semi-truck trailers, lumber tarps work as multi-purpose tarps that can protect truck loads of grain, silage, bales of hay, and equipment.

    6. Corner Protectors

    From a safety standpoint, corner protectors give farmers a piece of mind when it comes to keeping their equipment, supplies, and tie downs safe from damage. These cargo control items are designed to lay between the cargo load and the tie down strap. Farmers can use these when they tie down things like seed corn bags that can tear open and spill if the tie down is too tight.

    Some corner protectors work to protect tarps from tearing. Our plastic corner protectors for tarps prevent tarps from tearing at the edges of cargo loads. 

    7. Wheel Chocks

    Farmers like to use wheel chocks to prevent any of their vehicles from rolling backwards. While these cargo control items are common in the commercial vehicle industry, they also work for keeping farm equipment in place like grain augers, planters, grain wagons, and field cultivators. Wheel chocks help farmers switch their field equipment around in a safe manner.

    Keep in mind basic practices for wheel chock safety, as these cargo control items should not apply to heavy farm equipment with large wheels like tractors or combines.

    8. Recover Straps

    Occasionally, farmers encounter emergency situations where equipment gets stuck or, in more serious situations, tip or fall over. Heavy-duty recovery straps work the best to extract extremely heavy machinery like tractors, semi-trucks, and combines. Made with eye loops on each end, these straps hook on easily to any tractor or recovery vehicle to pull machinery from being stuck. 

    These straps work best with durable screw pin anchor shackles or other towing shackles that can withstand the weight of farm equipment.

    9. Outrigger Pads

    Besides tractors and combines, farmers also use skid loaders for many different things. If these loaders are used in a stationary way, then our outrigger pads can help stabilize the loader and keep farmers safe while doing their jobs. Normally reserved for cranes and lifting equipment, loaders with outrigger arms benefit from using these items. When working on unstable ground, outrigger pads provide the necessary stability that prevents the loader from sinking through the ground or toppling over.

    U.S. Cargo Control offers medium-duty, heavy-duty, and super-duty outrigger pads that farmers can use to stabilize any loader equipment. This includes withstanding forces up to 100,000 lbs. and having a design that makes them flexible, lightweight and impervious to becoming water-logged or chemical-logged. If they get dirty on the farm, they hose down real nicely to keep them clean.


    10. Hand Trucks & Dollies

    basic steel hand truck red

    Last on this list are hand trucks and moving dollies. Similarly to tie down straps, these cargo control products are sort of a staple in a farmer's machine shed. They make moving things around much easier, whether it be heavier items like oil barrels, or moving a stack of items like seed corn bags. Plus, they don't take up a lot of space, and they're easy to assemble on your own.



    Thank You Farmers!

    Farmers are the backbone of our country. Each and every day, they work incessantly to take care of their crops and livestock that eventually provide food for everyone in our country and the entire world. We cannot thank you enough for all the work you put in to provide for us. Thank you from all of us at U.S. Cargo Control!


    Thank you farmers for the relentless work you do to provide for all of us! If you have any questions regarding our products, give our experts a call at (877) 988-3203 or by emailing today.

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