How to Build & Order Custom Tie Down Chains


Still having trouble finding the right chain for your needs? U.S. Cargo Control specializes in custom orders for tie down chains that meet the necessary requirements for your application(s). If you provide the right size, material, and end fittings, then we can create the chain you desire and have it shipped over to you in no time.

Follow our guide and know what to expect when filling out our custom chain form.


How to Submit a Custom Chain Request Form

Custom chain request form page on U.S. Cargo Control website.

1. Go to our Custom Chain Request Form on our website.



2. Enter your Contact Information – we will need:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
Chain specifications on chain request form.

3. Build Your Chain


  • Chain Grade
    You have the option to choose your desired chain grade for your custom chain(s). Different grades are generally used for different applications; the higher the grade, the more weight it can withstand. U.S. Cargo Control offers Grade 70, Grade 80, Grade 100, and Grade 120 for custom transport chains. If you are unsure which chain grade is best for your situation, then you can select “Unsure” and one of our experts will follow up with you and help you decide.


    Don’t know the difference between these numbers? Check out our blog comparing chain grades or watch our video explaining these differences.


  • Chain Size
    After choosing the proper chain grade, then you can choose the proper chain size, or chain diameter, that you need. You have the choice of choosing: 9/32”, 5/16”, 3/8”, ½”, or 5/8”. If you don’t know which chain size you need, select “Unsure” and one of our experts will get back with you on this.

  • Chain Length
    Then you'll want to choose how long you want your chain length to be; simply type out your desired length(s) in the designated box of the form.

  • End Fittings
    Finally, decide which end fittings you would like on your chain, where you can choose the same fittings for both ends or a different fitting for each end of the chain. Common choices for standard transport chain hooks include a Clevis Grab Hook (A), Clevis Grab Hook w/ Latch (B), Clevis Slip Hook / Sling Hook (C), or Clevis Slip Hook w/ Latch (D).

    Four types of hooks for custom tie down chain

    If there’s an end fitting option you don’t see available, then you select the “Other” option and type in the end fitting you desire. Be sure to check out Grade 80 fittings, Grade 100 fittings, and Grade 120 fittings as well.


4. Finalizing Your Request


  • Other Notes/Requests
    Once you built your chain, then you'll want to put in any additional details you have for your chain in the designated text box of the request form. Things to consider writing in here are: plans of using this chain for, other specifications missed in the form, etc. Our product experts will reach out to you to discuss the details and answer questions over the noted requests.

  • Quantity Needed
    You can determine if you want one of these chains or one hundred. Identify the number of custom chains you need, and then we will get back to you on a time frame for completion.

  • Helpful/Referential Files
    If you have any photos or images that may help describe what you want or what you’re looking for, please attach them by clicking on the “Upload” button or by dragging the files to the box

5. Submit Your Order

Putting hook end fitting on custom tie down chain


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Do you have Grade 30, 43, or 50 chain available?
A: We don't use these chain grades for our custom chain orders, but we do offer Grade 30, Grade 42, and Grade 50 chains on a special-order basis, so be sure to contact our product experts to order these chains today.

Q: How long do custom orders take to ship to my address?
A: In general, times may vary depending on the details listed in the custom orders. Please keep in mind that industrial bulk chain is heavy. Shipping rates may be reduced when overall weight reaches 200 pounds. Please call us for additional shipping options on large volume orders.

Q: Will these custom chains meet regulatory requirements for load securement?
A: Each chain grade is approved for various applications. Grade 70 is the standard chain grade for transport chain; plus, it meets the specific requirements set by the California Highway Patrol and DOT. Grade 80, 100, and 120 chains are approved for overhead lifting. 

Q: Are custom chains safe to use compared to other chain offerings?
A: Our custom chains are made similarly to our other offerings: components are either made or imported from high-quality manufacturers, and are expertly assembled at our warehouse in Urbana, Iowa.



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Not sure which options will work best for your application? Our product experts are here to help you! Call us at (866) 444-9990 or by emailing and we can help you figure out what you need!


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