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strongest security chain

Protect Your Valuables with the Strongest Security Chain

Have you had any of your valuables stolen, or felt nervous that someone might steal them? Have you had a chain that someone was able to cut loose? Do you need a stronger chain to secure your valuables? Better yet, do you want to feel secure knowing your items will be safe? Consider looking into a Security Chain.

A Resistant, Bolt Cutter Proof Security Chain

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Protect your items from theft with a case-hardened security chain and a high-quality lock that comes with two keys. We carry Pewag Security Chains considered to be the toughest chains out there. By being the toughest chain, we mean the Pewag chain is the hardest chain to cut with bolt cutters due to its hardened, squared steel chain.


With the chain link's squared shape and impressive chain hardness of 63 HRC, this is a bolt cutter resistant chain that requires tremendous effort to cut, unlike standard round chains. This can get rid of the thief or even help catch the person who is attempting to steal and damage your item.

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What Can I Use Pewag Security Chain For?


This type of chain is very beneficial and recommended for people who do not want their items stolen or damaged. For example, you can use the Pewag security chain as a bike lock or a motorcycle chain lock. You can also use for larger items such as boats, vehicles, trailers, gates, and properties. The use is not limited, as long as you get the appropriate chain width and length for your application, you can use on anything you feel is worth protecting against thieves.


Sizes of Security Chains


We carry three sizes of Pewag chain used for commercial and industrial applications. More specifically, the 9/32" chain secures smaller items like bikes and mopeds. The 3/8" security chain and 1/2" chain help protect more industrial items and facilities. Keep in mind that the 1/2" x 2' chain is the largest size Pewag produces and is designed to protect large valuable items and facilities.





Along with the hardened steel chains are chain locks that work with Pewag Chain for maximum security. We carry the Viro Panzer Lock For 9/32" Security Chain, for 3/8" chain, and for 1/2" chain. The heavy-duty chain lock is a unique design that does not allow any tools to cut open the lock. These locks also come with top security profile nickel-plated brass keys for only you to unlock.




These chains can be sold by the foot. If you would like a complete setup, then check out the chain packages that include the chains, locks, and keys.




If you lose your keys or need to duplicate them, then make sure to keep the included card that comes with the key code.


If you are ready to add an uncuttable chain and lock to your valuables, then head over to the chain section of the USCC website or give our sales team a call at (888) 929-2725.

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