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US Cargo Control Creating Customized Ratchet Straps

How US Cargo Control Creates High-Quality Custom Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps, also known as tiedown straps, are extremely helpful to have in hand when transporting items in a vehicle. You may know that ratchet straps are one of the most important tools a trucker can have for the long haul, and it’s a simple tool that increases the safety of your cargo or personal items to your trailer, pickup truck bed, or car.

One thing to know is US Cargo Control will create ratchet straps with the highest quality and care in mind. Ratchet straps are one of our capabilities, and we can create the perfect strap for you. We sat down with one of our experts, Wendi Kafer, to learn how the Ratchet Strap team creates high-quality tiedowns.

Watch Adam Shouse, one of our Sales Specialists, explain what ratchet straps and cam straps are:

How to Get Started with a Custom Ratchet Strap?

We can easily set you up with a customized ratchet strap. If you have an idea of what you’re looking for in a custom tiedown, you can build your own strap or fill out our form and request a quote. If you’re not sure what you need, you can give our team a call at 866-444-9990 and we’ll gladly assist you.

As you go over your needs, we’ll review the requirements and provide you with an accurate quote. We’ll go over the different styles that you can choose such as webbing, color, end fittings, and additional information.

After we review your needs, we then send the information to our tiedown team.

Fun Fact: Because we have the capabilities to sew and assemble our tie down straps onsite in our Iowa warehouse, custom ratchet straps are less expensive than you might think, and are shipped out quickly.

What If My Custom Ratchet Strap’s Specifications Don’t Work?

Our job is to ensure each and every specification work, and our teammates will make sure every detail is correct.

Before production of your ratchet strap begins, one of our ratchet strap experts will create one to verify it. Sometimes they'll send pictures to the sales team to double-check all details before confirmation. The manufacturing team is dedicated to creating the most successful tiedowns for you, and will always perform quality checks before, during, and after production.

Read below the options presented to you to choose from. Just like the process of creating a custom cargo net, you will have the chance to include any additional information during the phone call or when you fill out the form.

Webbing Width:

  • 1 Inch
  • 2 Inch
  • 3 Inch
  • 4 Inch

Type of Assembly:

  • Full Assembly with Fixed and Loose Ends
  • Endless Assembly

Custom Stenciling:

  • Yes
  • No

What Will Be Your Full Assembly Length?

  • Include the length that you are looking for with your tiedown

Choose Any Color:

Color Choices of Custom Ratchet straps

We sell our straps as full assemblies, but you can request a fixed end or loose end for your tiedown. With our endless straps, these will usually have a ratchet or cam buckle on the end with the length you desire.

The Process of Creating the Perfect Ratchet Strap

Processing of the ratchet strap tiedown

After the details are finalized and the form is handed to the Ratchet Strap team, one of our experts will find the hardware, tags, webbing, and additional parts to get everything prepared. The order is moved to the cutting area to make measurements and cuts of the webbing before moving on to the sewing area and adding any configurations.

If you like to know what materials we use, read the type of materials we use for ratchet straps.

To verify the tiedown's WLL (working load limit) and break strength after it is created with the configurations in place, we will use our testbed to ensure the strength rating is being met. We test all of our webbings' strengths before creating tiedowns, but they are to be tested again with the testbed after we create them with their added configurations. The same process applies to our tarps and slings! Read what working load limit, break strength, and safety factor means and learn why these factors are important.

Once the tiedown is complete, our runner will perform a final quality check and distributes the orders before it gets packaged. After that, they are packaged and shipped to you!

How to Use a Ratchet Strap

Trucker applying ratchet strap to flatbed trailer

Ratchet straps can deceptively seem like simple tools, but can be intimidating to work with! We have a simple guide on using a ratchet strap that'll help you learn how to safely handle and release it. If you’re looking for a smarter and safer way to secure your tiedowns, our Good-N-Tight® will do the trick.

If you need to go over how to securely load your cargo when driving for the long haul, we have some tips for that. We sat down with our Sales Specialist to understand what are the dos and don’ts for load securement on trailers. Also, don't forget that it’s critical to know how many tiedowns you need to transport and deliver your cargo safely.

Getting You What You Want, When You Need It

Ratchet straps can secure your cargo, but the options are limitless. It’s a versatile tool that you can use in multiple ways, and you can trust US Cargo Control to get you the high-quality custom ratchet straps that you deserve.

We don’t just specialize in tiedowns, but we also create custom cargo nets, chain slings, nylon slings, tarps, and more. Keep placing your orders at US Cargo Control and our dedicated manufacturing team will keep the quality products coming.

Our team looks forward to getting you the quality products you deserve. If you wish to learn more about our ratchet straps, head over to US Cargo Control or give our team a call at 866-444-9990.

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