Rollup Ratchet Straps

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    • Working Load Limit: 833 lbs.
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    • Working Load Limit: 3333 lbs.
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    • Working Load Limit: 3333 lbs.
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Rollup. Rollout.

If You Use Ratchet Straps, You Need the Rollup Ratchet

What is the Rollup Ratchet?

The Rollup Ratchet is a revolutionary self-contained ratchet strap that solves the problem of loose strap ends once and for all.

Our patented rolling spindle comes bolted directly to the ratchet assembly to provide a quick, easy, and tidy way to store excess strap webbing when hauling cargo down the road or storing your ratchet straps between use.

Why do I need it?

From using zip ties and tape to tying loose strap ends in difficult knots or even closing them in vehicle doors, there have been many attempts to solve the problem of excess strap webbing.

Now, the best solution is here. It's called the Rollup Ratchet and it's the smartest way to ensure roadway safety and longer ratchet strap life.

Is the Rollup Ratchet High-Quality?

Our patented Rollup Ratchet is professionally manufactured to meet or exceed all DOT and CVSA regulations. The polyester webbing is designed to resist abrasion and UV rays and has minimal stretch to ensure a firm hold on your cargo. The bright neon yellow color is ideal for high visibility no matter the conditions.

Our 100-day guarantee allows you to buy with confidence. If for any reason you aren't totally satisfied with this product you can return it for a refund.

Rollup Ratchet Size and End Fitting Options

The Rollup Ratchet comes in various width, length, and end fitting options to fit your needs.

1" Self-Contained Ratchet Straps

You can get our light-duty 1" Rollup Ratchet straps in 10 foot or 16 foot webbing lengths.

Both options come with vinyl-coated S-Hook end fittings on each end. This type of end fitting is ideal for hooking onto thin anchor points commonly found in pickup truck beds, rooftop racks, and all types of bolt on D-rings and weld on D-rings. An S-hook lies in the same plane as the strap.

For extra abrasion-resistance simply add a 1" Cordura Wear Sleeve to the webbing and enjoy another layer of protection.

1" Rollup Ratchet Strength

Working load limit on our 1" self-contained straps is 833 lbs.

Assembly break Strength is 2,500 lbs.

Webbing break strength is 4,500 lbs.

2" Self-Contained Ratchet Straps

If you're looking for a self-contained ratchet strap that can handle heavier cargo, you can get our wider 2" Rollup Ratchet straps in 27 foot webbing length.

Both lengths are available with either a flat hook on each end or a double J-hook on each end. Flat hooks are ideal for hooking onto flatbed trailers or any thin and flat anchor point like the edge of angle iron. Double J-hooks are similar to S-Hooks in that they can be attached over thin areas of steel on trailers and D-ring tie down points like those in truck beds. Unlike S-Hooks, J-Hooks lies at a 90-degree angle to the plane of the strap.

For added abrasion-resistance, you can quickly add 2" Cordura Sleeves to the webbing.

2" Rollup Ratchet Strength

Working load limit on our 2" self-contained straps is 3,333 lbs.

Assembly break Strength is 10,000 lbs.

Webbing break strength is 12,000 lbs.

How to Use the Rollup Ratchet

  • 1. Feed the loose strap end thought the ratchet mandrill.
  • 2. Attach the end fitting on the fixed end to your tie down point, pull tight, and ratchet down.
  • 3. Feed the remaining loose webbing tail though the Rollup Ratchet spindle slot.
  • 4. Use the attached knob to roll all the loose webbing up tight. Twist the knob towards you to lock in place.