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Star Warning Systems Class 1 Short Dome - Permanent Mount


Star Warning Systems Class 1 Tall Dome - Magnet Mount


Star Warning Systems Class 1 Tall Dome - Permanent Mount


Whelen Class 1 Tall Dome - Magnetic Mount - L10 Series


Whelen Class 1 Tall Dome - Permanent Mount - L10 Series


Whelen Class 1 Low Dome - Permanent Mount - L21 Series


Whelen Class 1 Tall Dome - Magnetic Mount - L21 Series


Whelen Class 1 Tall Dome - Permanent Mount - L21 Series


Whelen Class 1 Tall Dome - Permanent Mount - L31 Super LED


Star Warning Systems Class 2 Short dome - Permanent Mount


Star Warning Systems Class 2 Tall dome - Magnetic Mount


Whelen Mini Century Light Bar - Magnetic Mount


Whelen Mini Century Light Bar - Permanent Mount











Whelen Pioneer Nano Illumination 3 Diode - Black


Whelen Pioneer Nano Illumination 6 Diode - Black


Star Warning Systems Short Branch Guard - 255/256 Series


Star Warning Systems Tall Branch Guard - 255/256 Series


Star Warning Systems Mirror Mount Bracket - 1" pipe - Short Bracket


Star Warning Systems Mirror Mount Bracket - 1" pipe - Tall Bracket


Star Warning Systems Replacement Short Dome - 255/256 Series


Star Warning Systems Replacement Tall Dome - 255/256 Series


Whelen Mirror Mount - L10, L21/22, L31/32


Whelen Replacement Low Dome - L10, L21/22


Whelen Replacement High Dome - L10, L21/22


Whelen Single Lighted Switch


Whelen Shelf Mount - L10, L21/22


Whelen Shelf Mount - L31/32


Whelen Branch Guard for Low Dome - L10, L21/22


Whelen Branch Guard for High Dome - L10, L21/22


Whelen L31/L32 Pipe Mount Kit
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Warning lights are a requirement by law for vehicles in many industries, so keeping your lighting in top working order is an essential. We"re proud to offer LED truck lights, including beacon lights, light bars, warning lights, and accessories from Whelen lights and Star Warning Systems- two of the most trusted names available on the market.

We"ve categorized our truck lights based on style and end use, but let us know if you don"t see something you want. We have access to hundreds of additional products and can create customized packages based on your vehicle and situational needs. Please see each product page for detailed information on features, class type, mounting style, and more.

LED Beacon Lights

Beacon lights are classified into three different classes based on brightness which determines end use. Class 1 beacon lights are the brightest, with a minimum four times the intensity of a class 2 light. These lights are used on safety vehicles that travel on the roadway, in the flow of traffic: fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, etc. Class 2 warning lights are used on vehicles intended to work alongside a roadway: utility trucks, construction trucks, etc.; they are about 2.5 times more intense than a class 3 light. Class 3 lighting is used to identify a vehicle and usually used in indoor situations where there is little to no natural light.

LED Warning Lights

Light-emitting diode (LED) technology is ideal for use as truck warning lights because it"s more efficient, durable, and longer-lasting than more traditional lighting. This maximum output and versatility, coupled with the slim profile design means they can easily be mounted nearly anywhere- inside or outside.

Mini LED Light Bars

Mini LED light bars offer a crisp, bright light in a low profile design. An excellent alternative to a full light bar, a minibar also features 360 degrees of light, in a more cost-efficient price point. A mini LED light bar also draws less amperage than a traditional strobe light bar yet has a longer working life and much more versatility with light patterns.

Full Size LED Light Bars

Low in profile, yet high in performance, full-sized LED light bars offer the ultimate in clear, bright light and user-friendly options. Steady burn and flashing options, mounting feet for a secure install, and compression-fit gaskets to keep moisture out are just a few of the features of these high-tech warning lights.


Our lighting accessories include the extras you need to protect and maintaining your lighting, including branch guards, replacement domes and mounting brackets. While we carry standard items, we also have access to hundreds of other products through our vendors to ensure you"ll find what you need to keep your lighting working properly.

Warning Light Regulations & Guidelines: SAE & California Title X111

Like nearly all equipment regulations, legal guidelines for truck warning lights vary widely by state. However, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and California Title XIII are two topics that are commonly mentioned in the industry.

SAE: Society of Automotive Engineers

The SAE is a global association of industry experts in the automotive and commercial vehicle fields who work together to set industry standards. SAE guidelines are not considered law, but rather best-practice guidelines. You"ll see "SAE Compliant" on lighting products that meet those standards suggested by the group. Because SAE guidelines range, a standard number and class number should be included when confirming that a product is SAE Compliant.

California Title XIII

As one of the largest states in the country, it"s no wonder California"s Title XIII is commonly mentioned in relation to automotive lighting.

Title XIII is considered one of the toughest guidelines for lighting, as it relates to light intensity. It categorizes and sets standards of light intensity that warning lamps must meet to promote the safety of drivers, workers, and pedestrians.

Like SAE compliance, confirmation that a product is California Title XIII compliant should also include a Table to indicate what regulations the product satisfies.

Warning Light Colors

Regulations regarding the colors of warning lights also vary widely by state, but colors of lights generally follow some similar guidelines.

Red is most widely used by emergency vehicles, and is also used by school buses.

Yellow or amber lighting is most common on working vehicles, such as tow trucks, construction vehicles, utility trucks, and others that work alongside the road and/or slow the flow of regular traffic.

White is a common option on light bars; in some states it can be restricted to use on emergency vehicles only. Most emergency vehicles such as ambulances will use white in conjunction with red and amber.

Green emergency lights have become common for use on security vehicles, particularly government and private agencies protecting airports, nuclear facilities, defense and maritime facilities, and other critical areas that may be at risk of a terrorist attack.

Blue warning lights are generally reserved for firefighters, law enforcement, EMTs, etc. although some snow plows and tow truck drivers are now turning to blue lights used together with traditional amber-colored lighting.

Volunteer personnel such as firefighters are allowed to use blue warning lights as well, but laws vary widely by state and localities. Some states may allow only for a single dashboard light, while others may approve of warning light bars in addition to sirens. Check with your state"s specific guidelines for rules and regulations.


Our sales team can also help answer any additional questions about a product that you may have. We can also find additional products you don"t see here, and even put together a light package customized to your need. Call us.

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