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KWB Lifting & Rigging Supplies

KWB Lifting & Rigging Supplies

KWB Chain and Chain Fittings

KWB chains are well-known for their quality and durability. This trusted manufacturer primarily offers grade 100 chain, a grade that is 25% stronger than grade 80. All of their products meet and / or exceed the standards set by NACM, ASTM, and OSHA and are approved for overhead lifting.

Grade 100 Chain

All KWB grade 100 chain comes with a signal violet varnish coat and a corrosion-resistant powder coat. 

This chain can be purchased by the drum, half-drum, or foot.

Fully-Assembled Chain Slings

Our KWB chain slings are assembled right here in Iowa! Available with a variety of ends fittings, leg configurations, and leg lengths, it's simple to find a chain sling that suits your application.

KWB Rigging Hooks

Our selection of KWB rigging hooks includes the most popular styles, such as clevis grab hooks and eye sling hooks. 


Not sure which KWB product will work best for your application? Looking for something you can't find on the web? Call to speak to one of our product experts today.