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Chain Hoists

Chain Hoists Overview

Chain hoists are simple devices that give you a massive mechanical lifting advantage. Chain hoists are able to accomplish heavy lifts by leveraging small force over a long distance and transforming it into large force over a short distance. US Cargo Control offers industry leading Columbus McKinnon Hoists and Coffing Hoists. Depending on the model you choose, these manual chain hoists have working load limits of 1/4 ton up to 20 tons. All chain hoists from US Cargo Control comply with ASME and OSHA standards. CM chain hoists and Coffing chain hoists both provide performance and quality you can count on. You can attach additional lifting chains or lifting slings, a lifting beam, or a load directly to the bottom hook. The top hook is used to secure the hoist to a ceiling mount, trolley system or anywhere that can withstand the weight of what you are lifting.

Manual Chain Hoist Advantages

While manual chain hoists (both hand hoists and lever hoists) won"t lift quite as fast as an electric hoist, there are many advantages to choosing a manual chain hoist. 1. Manual chain hoists don't require any electricity or other power sources. 2. They are more cost efficient compared to electric or hydraulic hoists. 3. Their simple design makes them easier to repair and maintain.

Hand Hoists

Hand hoists are operated using your own two hands. Hand hoists have two loops of chain, one to pull with your hands and one to pull or lift the load up.

Lever Hoists

Design is similar to a hand hoist, but is operated using a hand lever instead of pulling chain. This allows you to pull or lift the load up using just one hand. Most lever hoists are very compact and portable.


Not sure which chain hoist is right for you? Looking for other lifting hardware like wire rope, chain slings, blocks and pulleys, lifting clamps, or hooks? Call to speak to one of our product specialists today!