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    • Working Load Limit: 4,000 lbs.
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Pallet Lifters for Cranes

M&W pallet lifters are the perfect way to increase the efficiency of your lifting operation. Whether you're moving construction materials around the jobsite or top-loading a truck, these pallet hoists can get the job done.

Overhead Pallet Lifter Features

Made in the USA, our lifters are built with functionality and durability in mind.

Adjustable Lifting Base

The two bottom prongs of the pallet lifter will keep your load centered and stabilized. They're adjustable, so you can widen the base depending on the size of the pallet and the distribution of the load.

Variable-Height Lift Bale

The pallet lifter lift bale is also adjustable - you can change the height to meet the needs of the load and the application.

Safety Yellow Finish

The high visibility yellow paint improves job safety, allowing your riggers to work with confidence.

Industry Compliant

Every pallet lifter exceeds all ASME B30.30 and OSHA regulations. They are proof-loaded and shipped with certification paperwork.

Custom Crane Pallet Lifters

If you need a specialized pallet hoist, call to speak to one of our product experts today. We'll help you get a pallet crane attachment that's ideally suited to your application.


Learn more about our pallet lifters and other below-the-hook lifting equipment by getting in touch today.

We also carry a variety of other lifting and rigging supplies, including high performance roundslings, rigging hardware, and safety nets.