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Lever Hoists

Lever hoists are easy to operate and maintain. US Cargo Control sells quality Columbus McKinnon (CM) lever hoists and Coffing lever hoists. Lever hoists are operated using a single side lever that is attached directly to the lifting mechanism. Unlike hand hoists, lever hoists can be operated using just one hand. Ideal for horizontal, angled, and low vertical loads. Because the lever handle is up next to the lifting mechanism, you must be close to the point of hook up to operate it.

Depending on the model, working load limits for lever hoists from US Cargo Control range from 1/4 ton up to 6 tons and lengths range from 5 feet to 20 feet.

CM Chain Hoists

  • CM 653 Hoist - construction grade lever hoist with a short handle. Ideal for working in small spaces.
  • CM Bandit Hoist - assembled in the USA with American made hooks and chain. Extremely portable and versatile with 360° rotating handle.
  • CM Tornado 360 Hoist - unique sidewinder lever handle improves both lifting and pulling efficiency. Ergonomic design increases safety.
  • CM Mini Series 602 Hoist - most compact lever chain hoist available. Extremely portable and quick to load. 1/4 ton working load limit.
  • CM Mini Series 603 Hoist - extremely compact and portable chain hoist that features quick load attachment. 1/2 ton working load limit.

Coffing Chain Hoists

Coffing LSB Hoist - features through-hardened load chain and lifetime lubricated gears. 360° rotating handle for versatile rigging options.