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Chain Hoists
Hand Chain Hoists

Hand Hoists

Hand hoists have a simplistic design and are easy to operate and maintain.

US Cargo Control sells both Columbus McKinnon (CM) hand hoists and Coffing hand hoists. Hand hoists require the use of both your hands to operate. As you pull one chain, a wheel turns a series of cogs, axles, gears, and sprockets and, in turn, rotates the load chain to lift your load. The lifting mechanism is designed to do most of the work and many chain hoists have a braking system that prevents the load from slipping back. Unlike lever hoists, hand hoists are ideal for high vertical loads. You can continue to operate the pulling chain from the ground even when the load is up high.

Depending on the model, working load limits for hand hoists from US Cargo Control range from 1/4 ton to 20 tons and lengths from 10 feet to 30 feet.

CM Chain Hoists

  • CM 622 Hoist - construction grade hand hoist with low headroom and easy installation.
  • CM Hurricane 360 Hoist - hand chain cover rotates 360° so loads can be lifted, pulled, and positioned from nearly any angle.
  • CM Cyclone Hoist - a high-quality, rigorously tested hand hoist that is 100% American made.

Coffing Chain Hoists

  • Coffing LHH Hoist - compact design makes it portable and easy to inspect and maintain. Low headroom.