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Steel Tarps

6 Products

16' x 27' (4' Drop-4-Sided) Heavy Duty Steel Tarp - 18oz

Product Weight: 70 lbs.
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Heavy Duty Steel Tarp - 20' x 18' (6' Drop) - 18 oz. Black Tarp

Product Weight: 60 lbs.


Heavy Duty Steel Tarp - 24' x 18' (8' Drop) - 18 oz. Black Tarp

Product Weight: 69 lbs.




Lightweight Steel Tarp - 24' x 18' (8' Drop) - 14 oz. Black Tarp

Product Weight: 51 lbs.


Steel tarps are similar to lumber tarps – minus the end flap – and designed to protect flatbed loads of steel rods, sheets, cables, and other such lower-profile materials for long-haul truckers. A professional-grade steel tarp shields your cargo from all types of weather, as well as stone chips and other damage.

Our professional-grade flatbed tarps offer excellent UV resistance to limit fading. Plus, they are tear-resistant, mildew resistant, and feature reinforced edges and abrasion-resistant padding underneath each D-ring for added protection and durability.

14 oz and 18 oz Tarp Options

We offer steel cargo tarps in two different weighted materials, providing flexibility in choosing the right steel tarp for your application. Both options are made from a durable and waterproof PVC-coated polyester material.

Heavy-duty truck tarps are made with 18 oz. PVC-coated polyester and are designed to stand up to the harshest conditions you may encounter on the road. 18 oz tarps provide superior cargo protection against wind, snow, rain, sun, and road debris, so you can have the utmost confidence that your shipment will arrive at its destination undamaged.

Our lightweight steel tarps are made using the 14 oz tarp material and are more portable and easier to handle than heavy-duty versions, all without sacrificing quality or durability.

Tarp Usage and Care Tips

Tarping a load properly is an important and inexpensive way to help protect your tarp investment. Minimizing the abrasion of the tarp against the load will help extend its life. Tightly secure the tarp with plenty of rubber tarp straps and rubber rope, along with other tie-down equipment to limit damage from whipping in the wind. Also, pad sharp edges of the load with corner protectors or moving blankets. Don’t delay in fixing cuts and holes. On-the-spot tarp repair kits can keep minor damage from becoming a larger problem, saving you valuable time and money.

Flatbed Tarp Options

We sell a large selection of heavy-duty flatbed tarps in various styles, sizes, and color combinations to accommodate a wide range of flatbed trucking applications. Be sure to view our flatbed tarps category page for our full selection including lumber tarps, roll tarps, machinery tarps, smoke tarps, and more.

Flatbed Starter Kits

If you’re a new driver or looking to expand your fleet, our flatbed starter kits are a great value and an easy way to pick up all the essentials (tarps, tie-downs, etc.) in a convenient equipment package. Options are available for lumber or steel applications, as well as a deluxe start kit which includes both lumber tarps and steel tarps.

Custom Tarps

Looking for a specific size, color, or size tarp you don’t see here on our website? View our custom tarps page for more information about ordering a flatbed tarp customized to your exact specifications.

More Flatbed Products and Accessories

Check out our other flatbed trailer equipment including transport chain & binders, winch straps, ratchet straps, winches, and much more. We carry all the flatbed truck equipment you need and take pride in having the best customer service in the trucking equipment industry.

Contact our team of product specialists today online or on the phone with any product questions or help to place an order. We’ll work together to get you the right flatbed trailer products for your application.

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