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Roll & Dump Truck Tarps

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Roll tarps or dump truck tarps quickly and reliably contain payloads and create a safer work environment for drivers, especially those in the construction and agricultural industries.

All of our rolling tarps are made with heavy-duty 18 oz. PVC-coated polyester for superior strength and waterproof qualities. Hemmed pockets run the length of both sides of the tarp for easy installation onto a truck’s tube system for opening and closing the tarp back and forth across the width of the load. We carry three popular sizes including 9'10" x 41', 10'6" x 41' , and 10'6" x 42' . Custom options are also available. Check out our custom flatbed tarps page for more information.

A roll tarp is great for grain trucks, grain carts, wagons, dump trucks, fertilizer tenders, and hopper trailers. Specifically, in agricultural applications, grain trailer tarps protect your profits from the elements and mildew. Grain tarps also help keep out unwanted pests.

More Tarp Options

We sell a large selection of heavy-duty flatbed tarps in various styles, sizes, and color combinations to accommodate a wide range of flatbed trucking applications. Be sure to view our flatbed tarps page, for our full selection including lumber tarps, steel tarps, smoke tarps, and more.

Flatbed Tarp Usage and Care

Tarps last longer when used properly. Limit damage with appropriate tie-downs and accessories such as corner protectors , rope, and straps . In the event the tarp does develop a hole or a rip, that doesn’t necessarily mean a tarp is ready for the dumpster. Patch it with a tarp repair kit and bring new life to your trailer tarp, saving valuable time and money.

Flatbed Starter Kits

If you’re a new driver or looking to expand your fleet, our flatbed starter kits are a great way to pick up all the essentials in a convenient equipment package. Options are available for lumber or steel applications, as well as a deluxe start kit which includes both lumber tarps and steel tarps.

Need Help Deciding?
Contact our team of product specialists today with any product questions or help to place an order. We’ll work together to get you the right flatbed trailer products for your application.

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