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Nylon Lifting Slings 101

Learn more about the different styles of nylon lifting slings, the benefits of using a sling made from nylon, and sling protection.

New Sling Protection Products Now Available Through U.S. Cargo Control

The full line of sling protection products is now available through U.S. Cargo Control. Sling protection i...

What is D/d Ratio & Why is this Critical for Lifting Slings?

What effect does D/d Ratio have on lifting slings and their sling capacities?

New Products: Nylon Bridle Slings

We offer 600+ nylon bridles slings online, ready to order. Don't see what you need? Call our lifting slings specialists at 800-660-3585 for a custom sling.

Employee Recommendation: Nylon Lifting Slings

Nylon lifting slings are extremely versatile products and some of our best-sellers. US Cargo Control Sales Specialist Jon tells why in this video.

Expansion of Nylon Lifting Slings Selection Includes New Bridle Slings

Bridle nylon lifting slings now available at US Cargo Control. Made in the USA to your exact specifications. Call us at 800-660-3585 to place an order.

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