New Sling Protection Products Now Available Through U.S. Cargo Control

The full line of sling protection products is now available through U.S. Cargo Control. Sling protection is essential in providing additional safety and security to lifting slings and cargo from job-related damages. Investing in sling protection can improve the endurance and longevity of your lifting slings while saving you more money in the long run.

Read on to learn more about U.S. Cargo Control’s sling protection offerings.

What is Sling Protection?

Sling protection safeguards both the working load and the sling itself from damages while performing typical lifting jobs. Use these products with any type of lifting sling, from nylon, polyester, plasma, chain, or wire rope. Without this protection, you risk exposing your slings to sharp edges, corners, temperatures, or other environmental factors. Different products work to protect certain areas of the working load or the sling to prevent cutting, abrasion, or other damage while lifting.

Why Should I Use Sling Protection?

By using these products, you can keep your lifting sling from typical wear and tear you would normally have without sling protection and drastically increase your sling’s lifespan. Sling protection also keeps your cargo safe from harm. Oftentimes, improper lifting causes damage to the working load as well as the lifting slings.



What Types of Sling Protection Products Are There?

There is a wide variety of materials used for sling protection. Some of the most common include polyester, nylon webbing, rubber, leather, and wood. U.S. Cargo Control offers three types of essential sling protection that work at preventing different risks from happening during any lifting job:

6" Medium Duty LiftGuard Magnetic Sling Protector | 4" Wide Slings

1. LiftGuard® Magnetic Edge Protectors

Magnetic Edge Protectors from LiftGuard® attach easily to corners to protect your sling. Made with a high-performance cast nylon, these products are engineered to work well under high-pressure lifting applications, extreme temperatures and in situations were cutting and abrasion may occur. Each edge protector has two magnets recessed in the inside divot of the product that connects and grips easily while preventing damage to painted surfaces.

The raised up outside edges measure 1” wide to secure your lifting sling and preventing it from sliding off. Keep this in mind when choosing the right sling protector for your situation.

U.S. Cargo Control offers three types of Magnetic Edge Protectors measured at different lengths to cater to your lifting sling:

  • Medium-Duty
    Medium-duty edge protectors work best when used with synthetic slings or when lifting light loads using chain or wire rope slings.
  • Heavy-Duty
    Heavy-duty protectors work with all sling types and won’t be damaged by wire rope or chain slings.
  • Grooved
    Grooved Magnetic Edge Protectors work by connecting to steel plate edges or I-beam flanges.

CornerMax® Cut-Resistant Sling Protection Sleeve for 2" Webbing

2. CornerMax® Cut-Resistant Sleeves

If you’re looking to protect your synthetic slings during the lifting process, CornerMax® Cut-Resistant Sleeves are ideal to give you the flexibility and resistance you need. Made from high-tech Dyneema® fiber, these sleeves conform to your load and offer protection from cutting or abrasion while lifting loads.

CornerMax® Cut-Resistant Sling Protector Sleeves are offered at different widths for your specific lifting slings. Make sure you know your sling’s width or diameter beforehand so you can find the right protection sleeve for you.

NOTE: Do not use with chain slings or wire rope slings.

Cordura® Tubular Wear Sleeve Pad for 6" Slings

3. Wear Pads

Safeguard your lifting slings with protective sleeves, also known as wear pads. These sleeves offer protection to both sides of your sling to keep your working load safe. All wear pad options are offered at various lengths and widths for your specific lifting slings and are made with either nylon or Cordura® fabric.

1. Sewn Sleeves
Sewn sleeves are great for long-term sling protection use, with both sides of the sleeve sewn together for maximum hold. However, if you’re looking for a quicker option, these might not be for you, as applying and removing sewn sleeves from lifting slings is more difficult.

2. Quick Sleeves
Quick sleeves contain Velco® edges on the outsides so you can easily attach and remove the sleeve up and down the sling’s length while providing the protection from sharp edges that the lifting sling needs.

3. Tubular Sleeves
Tubular sleeves are also designed to securely attach with Velcro®, making them easy to take on and off and adjust as necessary. These products are ideal for use on round slings.




Sling Protection Keeps You and Your Team Safer

Safer working environments is of the utmost importance for U.S. Cargo Control. Sling protection provides both your equipment and your team with an extra layer of precaution and ensures you get the job done safely and efficiently. Inadequate or no sling protection is the leading cause of damages to lifting slings that result in fatal accidents.

Choose the Right Products with U.S. Cargo Control

U.S. Cargo Control offers many different types of lifting slings and other high-quality products for you heaviest lifting jobs. Get in touch with our product experts to customize your slings or find which one is best suited for your needs.



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