CornerMax Cut-Resistant Sleeves

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CornerMax® Cut-Resistant Sling Protector Sleeves

When it comes to protecting your synthetic slings during the lifting process, CornerMax® sling protector sleeves have the flexibility you need.

Made from high-tech Dyneema® fiber, these sling protection sleeves are extremely cut-resistant (not cut-proof) - they've been tested in both laboratory and field settings. They also conform to your load. In other words, if you have a round or curved load where full 90 degree corner contact is not possible, your slings are still protected.

These should not be used with wire rope or chain slings.

CornerMax® Sleeve Protection Rating


All CornerMax® sleeves have a protection rating of 25,000 lbs. per inch of sling contact IF full 90 degree contact is made with two surfaces (12,500 lbs. per inch on the separate contact points).

So, to calculate the protection rating, you would multiply the width of your sling in inches by 25,000 lbs.

If you have a 4" strap, for example, the protection rating would be 100,000 lbs. 

Sleeve Inspections

In addition to the standard inspection, before each use, check to see if the red yarn is visible in the CornerMax® sleeve. If so, retire the sleeve immediately.

Sling Compatibility

Sleeve Width Max Synthetic Sling Width
(1 & 2 Ply)
Max Synthetic Sling Width
(3 & 4 Ply)
Inside Circumference
CMSDF-2.5 2.5" Up to 2.5" 5-1/4"
CMSDF-4 4" Up to 4" Up to 2.5" 8"
CMSDF-6 6" Up to 6" Up to 4" 11"
CMSDF-8 8" Up to 8" Up to 6" 16"
CMSDF-10 10" Up to 10" Up to 8" 19-3/4"


CornerMax on Round Slings

Due to variations in their design, a blanket statement saying which sleeves will fit on each round sling size isn't possible. Instead, you will want to measure your round sling and make sure it fits within the inside circumference listed above.

Below is an illustration of how this sleeve will fit on your round sling - the entire sling is inserted into the sleeve, creating an eye at both ends. So when you measure your sling, you will want to measure the circumference of both sides together.


Other Sling Protection Options

We also carry LiftGuard magnetic sling protectors and a variety of sleeve sling protection, including tubular, Cordura, and web options.


Need more information about our sling protection options? Looking for a custom quote? Call to speak to one of our product specialists today!