Ultra Lightweight Parachute Tarps

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    • Product Weight: 69 lbs.
    • Material: PVC-Coated Polyester / Nylon Parachute
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    • Product Weight: 79 lbs.
    • Material: PVC-Coated Polyester / Nylon Parachute
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Parachute Tarps for Flatbeds

Parachute tarps are your ultra lightweight cargo protection solution. Made from a combination of durable PVC-coated 18 oz. vinyl and 6 oz. black nylon airbag / parachute packcloth, these tarps are easier to transport and set up than traditional tarps! 

Parachute tarps come with three rows of zinc-plated D-rings for secure connections with rubber tarp strapsrubber rope, and other tie down equipment, as well as sturdy grommets around the edges. Learn more about the benefits of choosing a tarp with these high-quality features.

Parachute Tarp Construction

Tear-resistant 18 oz. vinyl is used for the top and the flap, providing better protection for the top of the load. It's heavy-duty, providing UV-, water-, and mildew-resistance.

The sides are made from 6 oz. nylon. It's thinner than most other tarp fabrics, meaning parachute material tarps are more flexible. This is particularly evident - and useful - as the temperatures drop.

18 oz. material:

14oz and 18oz tarp material comparison graphic

6 oz. material:

6oz tarp material graphic

Weight Comparison

To really understand the difference the nylon makes, it's helpful to look at the weight of a parachute tarp compared to a standard lumber tarp.

Our 20' x 28' lumber tarp made entirely from the 18 oz. material is 94 lbs. The same size tarp in 14 oz. material is 77 lbs. In comparison, our 20' x 27' parachute tarp is only 69 lbs. - a 30% and 10% difference, respectively! This lower weight will make a big impact, especially for drivers carrying more than one tarp at once.

Protecting Your Airbag Tarps

Make sure to use corner protectors to prevent cargo from damaging your tarp. Since the nylon is thinner, it's more susceptible to cuts and abrasion than other materials.

Both fabrics can be damaged by sharp objects, so it's important to use edge protection to matter which section of the tarp it's touching.

To cut down on abrasion, make sure the tarp is securely tied down, with minimal flapping in the wind. This can damage the tarp as you drive.

Custom Ultra Lightweight Tarps

Looking for a different size or color? Call or fill out our convenient online form to learn more about the custom options that are available.


Our team of products experts can help! Get in touch today for assistance choosing the right parachute fabric tarp for you, placing an order, and more.

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