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Tarp Repair Kits

4 Products

Vinyl Cement 8oz. Can w/ Brush Applicator Lid


Tarp Repair Kit: 2'x2' Black Tarp Patch and Vinyl Cement


Tarp Repair Kit: 2'x2' Red Tarp Patch and Vinyl Cement


Tarp Repair Kit: 2'x2' Blue Tarp Patch and Vinyl Cement


Truck tarps are an important piece of equipment and something operators rely on daily to protect their valuable cargo from the elements. Nothing is worse than finding a rip or a hole in your tarp while on the road and having to worry about the integrity of your flatbed tarp and possible damage to your cargo. A tarp repair kit is a must-have for flatbed trailer operators and is perfect for making emergency repairs on the road.

US Cargo Control’s do-it-yourself tarp repair kits enable you to extend the life of a truck tarp. Easily patch and seal minor rips, holes, and wear marks in the fabric. Each vinyl tarp repair kit has a piece of PVC-coated polyester that can be cut to fit the needed size or shape. Vinyl cement offers a super-strong, waterproof, and flexible bond, plus is highly resistant to temperature and weather extremes.

How to use a tarp repair kit

  1. Clean the area to be patched thoroughly with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Cut the patch in a circular or oval shape, approximately 1” to 2” larger than the tear or hole on each side. Square patches tend to disconnect more easily because of the angled/pointed edges.
  3. Apply vinyl cement to the top side of the tarp and the underside of the patch. Cover the entire patch with the vinyl cement and apply a similarly sized area around the tear on the tarp.
  4. Wait 2 to 5 minutes to allow the surfaces to become tacky, then place the patch on the tarp. Press evenly and firmly with either your hand or a roller device.
  5. Tarp can be moved after 5 minutes; for best results, wait 8 hours before use.

These flatbed truck tarp repair kits are available with a 2’ x 2’ square of either black, blue, or red material to blend in with the color of the tarp being fixed. An 8 oz. can of vinyl cement also is included.

We recommend having several kits on-hand so you are ready for any last-minute repairs on the road. Acting at the first sign of damage can prevent it from spreading and limit the chances of a more costly fix or full replacement being necessary.

These kits can be used with any of our flatbed tarps including:
Lumber Tarps
Steel Tarps
Roll/Dump Truck Tarps
Smoke and Nose Tarps
And more!

Be sure to browse our full selection of flatbed tarps and other flatbed trailer products. Custom tarps are also available. Contact our team today with any product or special order questions.

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