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Vinyl Coated Wire Rope
Vinyl Coated Wire Rope

Plastic-Coated Wire Rope

Vinyl-coated wire rope is a great option for applications where you need both abrasion-protection and flexibility. The 7 x 19 configuration allows for a greater range of movement compared to denser wires, while the vinyl coating acts as a shield against dirt, grit, and other abrasive materials.

The coating also offers resistance to corrosion, UV rays, and water, while reducing the wear on pulleys, sheaves, and even the hands of your crew - the PVC sheath is more ergonomic and easier to work with. It seals in the wire rope's lubrication as well, increasing its lifespan.

Vinyl-Coated Cable Steel Options

Our coated steel cable comes in a variety of diameters and styles and is generally available in either galvanized steel and stainless steel. Both provide protection from the elements, but are best suited for different applications.

Galvanized Coated Wire Rope

Galvanized vinyl-coated steel rope comes with an additional coating for corrosion-resistance. It's slightly stronger than stainless steel, but if that additional coating is scratched, it will lead to rusting.

The vinyl coating increases the longevity of this rope by preventing the galvanized layer from being damaged, but this wire rope is still most ideal for short-term applications where wear and tear is less likely.

Coated Stainless Steel Cable

The type 304 stainless steel vinyl-coated wire rope will provide a better level of protection from rust and other corrosion. It has a lower break strength (BS) - for example, the 1/8" stainless rope has a BS of 1,760 lbs., while the 1/8" galvanized rope has a BS of 2,000 lbs. - but will hold up well against abrasion, making it the better choice for long-term applications.

The higher resistance to corrosion is also suited for marine environments.

Uses for Plastic-Coated Cable

This wire rope is a great general purpose cable in many industries, from agriculture to marine. Use it in fences, winch lines, railings, and more.

Note: These are not intended for overhead lifting or aircraft use.


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