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Vinyl Coated Wire Rope

Coated cable is a great option for uses where a wire rope needs both abrasion protection and flexibility. Aircraft vinyl coated cable, in a 7 x 19 configuration is an excellent choice when both flexibility and durability are required. A vinyl coating not only protects hands and makes the wire rope more easy to handle, it also seals in any lubrication on the wire rope, increasing its useful life. While the terms vinyl coated wire rope and plastic coated wire rope are often used interchangeably, there is very little differences in the rope style.

A coated steel cable comes in a variety of diameters and styles, and in the case of popular airline cable, is generally available in both a galvanized wire rope and a stainless steel wire rope. Both styles of plastic coated cable provide protection from the elements. A galvanized vinyl coated steel rope is slightly stronger than a coated stainless steel cable, but a stainless steel wire rope will provide a better level of protection from rust and other corrosion.

Coated cable wire is a great general purpose cable in many industries, from agriculture to marine.

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