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L-Track Fittings & Accessories

24 Products

L-Track Double Lug Threaded Stud Fitting

WLL 1,833 lbs.
BS 5,500 lbs.

SKU: 1519-DSLF

Double Stud Fitting w/ O-Ring

WLL 1,666 lbs.
BS 5,000 lbs.

SKU: 1519-DSR-RR

Single Stud Fitting w/ Round Ring - Stainless Steel

WLL 1,333 lbs.
BS 4,000 lbs.

SKU: 1519-SSR

Single Stud Fitting w/ Round Ring - Black

WLL 1,333 lbs.
BS 4,000 lbs.


Double Stud L-track Fitting w/ Pear Link ReREtest

WLL 1,666 lbs.
BS 5,000 lbs.

SKU: 1519-DSR

Double Stud Fitting w/ Bolt Thread

WLL 1,333 lbs.
BS 4,000 lbs.

SKU: 1519-EBF

Double Stud Fitting w/ Delta Link

WLL 1,666 lbs.
BS 5,000 lbs.

SKU: 1519-DSR-DR

Double Stud Fitting w/ Large Opening

WLL 1,666 lbs.
BS 5,000 lbs.

SKU: 1559-DS

Single Stud Fitting w/ D Ring - Black

WLL 1,333 lbs.
BS 4,000 lbs.


Double Stud Fitting

WLL 1,666 lbs.
BS 5,000 lbs.

SKU: 1529-DS

Angled End Cap for Airline-Style L-Track


Flanged End Cap for Airline-Style L-Track


Airline-Style Track Filler Strip - 10'


Airline-Style Track Fastener Pack 1-1/2" Bolts w/ Nut & Washer - 10 pk


2" Bolt Plate for Airline-Style L-Track


6'' Plush Strap Cover


1" x Ratchet Strap with S-hooks - Heavy Duty

WLL 833 lbs.
BS 2,500 lbs.
Starting at
SKU: 2606SH254

2" E-Track Strap w/ Spring E-Fittings & Double Stud

WLL 1467 lbs.
BS 4400 lbs.
Standard Lead Time 1-2 business days.
Starting at

30' Yellow Ratchet Strap w/ Double Stud Fittings On Both Ends

WLL 1,666 lbs.
BS 5,000 lbs.
Standard Lead Time 1-2 business days.

SKU: 5430DS-Y

1" x 6' Cam Buckle Strap with S-Hooks

WLL 400 lbs.
BS 1,200 lbs.


1" Rubber Coated Ratchet Strap w/ Vinyl Coated Hooks

WLL 1,100 lbs.
BS 3,300 lbs.
Starting at

2" Track Anchor Point Tie Down Kit- Black

You save 32%

2" Round Anchor Point Tie Down Kit - Black

You save 40%

L-Track Double Lug Threaded Stud Fitting | White Zinc

WLL 1,833 lbs.
BS 5,500 lbs.
You save 2%

Airline Track Accessories

The main reason why L-track systems are so versatile is the wide range of L-track accessories and fittings that are available. Most are designed to be placed at any point along the track, allowing you to create an instant and secure tie-down point exactly where you need it.

Airline or logistics track can be used to secure a wide range of cargo in pickup trucks, utility trailers, or vans. Installed in a truck bed, it's a safe and secure way to haul a dirt bike; add rails to a utility trailer to haul a garden tractor or ATV; secure L-track inside an enclosed trailer and you can quickly configure straps to fit each new load.

Stud vs Double Stud Fittings

The two main types of stud fittings compatible with L-track are single stud and double stud.

Both provide strong and quick connection points for a variety of cargo straps and hooks and can be easily moved to any spot on the rail. They are available with multiple attachment options such as round rings, D-rings, delta links, bolt threads, and more.

Single L-Track Stud Fittings

The single studs are spring-loaded and fit into one slot along the L-track rail. They are usually fitted with either an O-ring or D-ring, which means they can accept tie-down hooks, snaps, and straps.

Double Stud L-Track Fittings

Double stud fittings are designed for added strength and connect using two slots on the track for a more secure fit. These fittings generally offer a larger ring-opening to accommodate larger hooks and straps.

L-Track Straps

While L-track fittings are compatible with a wide range of tie-down strap options, sometimes it's simpler to use a strap that connects directly with your track. 

L-track straps easily connect to logistic tie-down track rails and are ready to use right out of the box.

We also carry straps with S-hooks on each end that will work with most L-track attachments.

Don't see exactly what you are looking for? Custom straps are also available.

L-Track Tie Down Kits

Anchor point tie down kits include anchor points, bolt plates, fastening bolts, and single stud fittings. Simply fasten the L-track anchors to the wall or floor of your trailer, then snap the stud fittings in. These can be installed in areas where standard L-track rails might not fit!

 Available with either rectangular or round anchor points.

Additional L-Track Accessories

Round out your system with L-track mounting hardware and other accessories.

For an easy and smooth install process, we recommend our fastener packs and bolt plates.

To create a more finished look, try our filler strips and end caps. They help eliminate abrupt edges along the track, making it easier to roll wheeled cargo over the track rails.

Protect your cargo from tie down strap damage by adding a plush strap cover to your setup.

Complete Your Cargo Securement System

Browse our full selection of cargo tie down options, including ratchet straps and tie downs, E-track, and motorcycle tie down systems.

If you are having trouble finding the L-track hardware you need for your system, please give us a call. Our product specialists will work with you to find you the right products for your application.

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