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Angled L-Track

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Aluminum Airline-Style Angled Track

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Angled End Cap for Airline-Style L-Track


Airline-Style Track Filler Strip - 10'


Double Stud Fitting

WLL 1,666 lbs.
BS 5,000 lbs.

SKU: 1529-DS

Double Stud L-track Fitting w/ Pear Link ReREtest

WLL 1,666 lbs.
BS 5,000 lbs.

SKU: 1519-DSR

Double Stud Fitting w/ Delta Link

WLL 1,666 lbs.
BS 5,000 lbs.

SKU: 1519-DSR-DR

Double Stud Fitting w/ O-Ring

WLL 1,666 lbs.
BS 5,000 lbs.

SKU: 1519-DSR-RR

Double Stud Fitting w/ Bolt Thread

WLL 1,333 lbs.
BS 4,000 lbs.

SKU: 1519-EBF

Single Stud Fitting w/ Round Ring - Stainless Steel

WLL 1,333 lbs.
BS 4,000 lbs.

SKU: 1519-SSR

Single Stud Fitting w/ Round Ring - Black

WLL 1,333 lbs.
BS 4,000 lbs.


Single Stud Fitting w/ D Ring - Black

WLL 1,333 lbs.
BS 4,000 lbs.


L-Track Double Lug Threaded Stud Fitting

WLL 1,833 lbs.
BS 5,500 lbs.

SKU: 1519-DSLF

Angled L-Track differs from standard L-Track in the design of the edges. While standard L-Track has a rectangular, squared-off profile, angled airline track has sloped edges. These sloped edges make it easier to roll cargo across the track. It was originally used for wheelchair tie-downs, and the sloped design has gained popularity for use in securing motorcycles, ATVs, delivery carts, and other wheeled cargo.

Please note: our angled L-track is designed for recreational and cargo control use; it is not certified for official wheelchair restraint use in buses, vans, and other transport vehicles.

L-Track, also known as Logistic Track or Airline Track is a versatile tie-down system used to secure a range of cargo. Install L-Track Tie-Down Tracks in your pickup truck, utility trailer, or van to create versatile and secure tie-down points that are easily adjusted to suit the specific vehicle or cargo you are transporting.

Our angled L-track tie down rails are available in 12" and 96" lengths, but can be cut to size to fit your tie-down needs. Made from a strong and durable grade 6061-T6 aluminum for superior corrosion resistance, our angled tie-down track is manufactured with pre-drilled holes for easy installation.

Types of L-Track:

Standard L-Track

Standard L-Track is our most popular style of L-Track because of its versatility to secure a wide-range of cargo. It's available in a wide range of sizes and colors, so it's easy to customize your airline track system to meet your needs. It is suitable for both surface and flush-mounted installations.

Aircraft Style L-Track

Aircraft Style L-Track features a square profile, similar to our Standard L-Track, but is made from a stronger, high-quality grade 6351 for applications requiring extra strength than regular aluminum L-Track.

Angled L-Track

Angled L-Track features sloped edges, making it easier to roll items such as motorcycles, ATVs, utility carts, and other wheeled-objects over the tie-down track. Angled L-Track is for surface mounted applications.

Recessed L-Track

Recessed L-Track is also known as Flanged L-Track and is designed for flush-mount installations. This flush-surface benefit makes it ideal for applications where wheeled-items are rolled over the track.

L-Track Fittings

One of the things that makes L-Track so versatile is the wide range of

More L-Track Options

We carry a large selection of L-Track System hardware and components. Check out our L-Track Tie Down Systems page for our full lineup of L-Track, L-Track Fittings & Accessories , and L-Track Straps . If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please let us know. We’ll work together to find you what you need.

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