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Nylon Lifting Slings 101

Learn more about the different styles of nylon lifting slings, the benefits of using a sling made from nylon, and sling protection.

New Product Alert: DICA® Outrigger Pads Now Available

US Cargo Control is now an official supplied of DICA® outrigger pads. Learn more about how these pads can help you with your toughest lifting jobs.

What's the Difference between HMPE Roundslings and Polyester Roundslings?

When it comes to selecting the right lifting sling for your lifting applications, there are many factors t...

Tackle the Toughest Lifting Jobs with NEW High Performance Round Slings

Read how Lift-It® High Performance Round Slings can improve safety standards in the lifting and rigging industry.

How Does Plasma® Rope’s Construction Work & How Does it Help the Lifting Industry?

As we discussed in our previous blog on the announcement of offering superior Plasma Slings and Ropes from...

What is D/d Ratio & Why is this Critical for Lifting Slings?

What effect does D/d Ratio have on lifting slings and their sling capacities?

What is Wire Rope, and How is it Different from Cable Rope?

Read what is wire rope, what are important specifications to look for, and how it's different from cable rope.

What is Sling Protection, What are the Different Types of Slings, & How to Protect Them

Sling protection products can protect slings, the load, and even the load's surroundings. Read to learn how to improve the durability of your slings and create safety and cost saving solutions in the workplace.

Key Factors to Having a Test Bed, and What This Means for You

Learn what this machine means for our business and for you for the long run.

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