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$199 away from FREE SHIPPING
$199 away from FREE SHIPPING
Tackle the Toughest Lifting Jobs with NEW High Performance Round Slings

Tackle the Toughest Lifting Jobs with NEW High Performance Round Slings

As we all know in the lifting and rigging industry, safety is highly critical when it comes to complex rigging or heavy lift jobs. 

What’s also important is the equipment that we choose to lift with, and especially to have for the long run. When seeking to enhance the safety and efficiency of your lifting jobs, look into our new High Performance Round Slings.

At US Cargo Control, we expanded our lifting equipment line with High Performance Endless Round Slings. These products consist of different vertical capacities (from 10,000 lbs to 250,000+ lbs) and lengths 3’-20’. Some benefits include being lighter and easier to handle (1/7th the weight of steel), is easy to store, and they'll never rot or corrode.

Read how these new synthetic round slings will help your job in the lifting and rigging industry and improve the workforce. 

What is the High Performance Round Sling?

HMPE roundslings

A high performance round sling is a tool you need to transform the safety and efficiency of your lifting and rigging setup. These endless round slings were made using Ultra High Modulus Polyethylene (UHMPE) with a gray double layer polyester cover. With the polyester cover, it protects the HMPE core fiber from abrasion, dirt, and grime. 

UHMPE is also known as HMPE, which means High Modulus Polyethylene. This type of fiber is becoming an increasingly popular material for lifting slings and ropes as it offers a range of performance properties. With HMPE, it's high in strength, lightweight, and durable.

What is an Endless Round Sling? 

A round sling in an endless design is simply one large “endless” loop. The configurations of these slings enable you to adjust wear points with each use (or rotate hook and load contact points), extending sling longevity. 

HMPE round slings are much smaller slings with the same strength as other slings with different fiber characteristics. 

Benefits of HMPE Round Slings

close up of HMPE endless round sling

Because the high performance round slings are made from UHMPE, these slings are smaller, lighter, and stronger than comparable strength wire rope and polyester options. They are one seventh the weight of comparable wire rope, have very low stretch, and contains superior bend fatigue performance.

They come with a number of advantages in the work environment including: 

  • Reducing risk of worksite injury
  • Improving rigging speed
  • Lowering the number of riggers needed for job completion
  • Easier to transport and store

Environmental and Temperature Conditions 

tag that list information of HMPE endless round sling

Along with their many advantages, they are impervious to most environmental conditions. Since the synthetic sling is made of fibers, this allows the sling to not rot, mildew, or corrode, and has excellent UV-resistance that won’t get damaged by many common chemicals. 

HMPE round slings can face temperatures ranging from -40F/-40C to a maximum of 140F/60C. The fibers do have a melting point of 300F/149C, which does make them more susceptible to heat. 

NOTE: Keep in mind that this refers to more than just ambient temperature - frictional heat at connection points, hot surfaces, welding, and more can all create temperatures that can damage your sling.

What Makes UHMPE Different from Polyester?

As opposed to the endless sling construction of the HMPE round sling, polyester endless round slings are made from polyester yarns encased in a polyester cover. HMPE roundslings have 75% less elongation when compared to polyester roundslings, making them the ideal choice for low headroom applications.

For example, a 100 foot HMPE round sling will stretch about a foot, while a 100 foot polyester round sling will stretch around 4-5 feet at rated load.

Other Benefits of the Roundsling Design

The main advantage of endless round slings is the circular construction. Because there are no designated “eyes”, you can adjust the loadbearing points with each use. This decreases the wear and tear and extends the service life.

Other features of the HMPE round sling include:

  • Proof-tested to 200%
  • 5:1 design factor
  • Tag information includes manufacturer's name, stock number, core material, cover material, and rated load for at least one hitch and the angle upon which it is based.
  • Not for use in temperatures above 140F/60C or below -40F/-40C.
  • Low elasticity allows for superior load control
  • Easy to store - just roll the sling up!
  • Meets ASME B30.9 standards
  • Made in the USA

USCC is Proud to Carry HMPE Roundslings

US Cargo Control can get you what you want, when you need it

US Cargo Control is proud to be carrying HMPE roundslings, so you can improve the safety and efficiency of your job and the workforce. If you're looking to expand your lifting gear, we carry a full line of other kinds of lifting slings, including nylon, polyester, plasma®, chain, and wire rope.

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If you have any questions about our high performance synthetic round slings, give our lifting and rigging equipment experts a call at 866-444-9990 or email! They’ll be happy to provide additional information, get you a quote, or help you place an order.

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