Wire Rope Clips from USCC Used to Construct 100+ Foot Suspended Bridge

In October 2017, US Cargo Control received an order for 300+ wire rope clips from an engineer in northern Connecticut. Lacy Curtis, Business Development Consultant at US Cargo Control, verified the customer got what they wanted, when they needed it.

The wire rope clips were used to assemble a 100+ foot suspended footbridge over the Hockanum River in Vernon, Connecticut. Because of this, it granted a direct connection for hikers to cross between two growing trail systems along the Hockanum. In his Hartford Courant Newspaper article, reporter Peter Marteka describes it as "the kind of bridge you want to build when you are out blazing trails in the woods as a kid."

The construction site was once a trolley bridge crossing.

How Many Wire Rope Clips Did it Take to Construct?

The job took 16 ¾" Drop Forged Style Stainless Steel Wire Rope Clips, and 320 5/16" Type 304 Stainless Steel Wire Rope Clips. Vernon town engineer, Dave Smith, led the design and execution of the project with some help from Bridges to Prosperity, a Denver-based company that has built over 200 footbridges in 20 countries. Then, teams of local volunteers came together and put in over 1,300 hours to help Smith complete this project.

Over 1,300 volunteer hours went into this impressive project.

The Volunteers

Vernon Greenway Volunteers is a group of dedicated individuals who assist the Town of Vernon through the maintenance, enhancement, and proper use of the 30+ miles of trails in Vernon. Friends of the Hockanum River Linear Park is a non-profit organization that brings awareness to the importance of clean rivers through public education.

Now It's Your Turn!

This was an impressive project and USCC is grateful to have been a small part of. Thank you very much to Dave Smith for sharing all these photos with us. Show us what you've done with USCC products and you could be featured in our next post. Big or small, we love seeing our products in action.

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