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hot shot trucking with gooseneck enclosed trailer

10 Hot Shot Trucking Supplies for Successful Deliveries

hot shot trucking with gooseneck enclosed trailer

Hot shot trucking continues to grow in popularity with businesses that want their goods fast. Known to be a more efficient point-to-point delivery method, hot shots make shipping items easier for businesses and shipping companies who needed their deliveries yesterday. And with the right hot shot trucking supplies, you'll be on your way to operating your own successful shipping business!

We dive into more about what hot shot trucking is and the supplies needed for a successful hot shot delivery.

What is Hot Shot Trucking?

Hot shot trucking is a type of hauling method where medium-duty pickup trucks deliver equipment to customers under tight deadlines. The term "hot shot trucking" is unanimously considered to have originated in Texas decades ago, where oil companies relied on speedy deliveries of drilling and pumping replacement parts from pickup trucks to keep operations going. Now, there are many truckers across the country investing in delivering these LTL loads for bigger companies.

Hot Shot Trucking vs. Expedited Shipping

You don't need to be a trucker for a motor carrier company to do hot shot trucking. Expedited shipping involves motor carriers keeping trucks and vans on standby for time-sensitive deliveries. However, hot shot trucking is great for individual owner-operators who want to take on individual jobs as they come. These jobs are typically posted on load boards that hot shot truckers can pick up as they see fit. Some popular load boards include:

Benefits of Hot Shot Trucking

Hot shot trucking isn't for everyone. But some of the benefits of being a hot shot trucker are perfect for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and who want to work on their own time. Some of the perks include:

  • Self-employment
  • Own and operate your own business
  • More control over your work schedule
  • Choose which loads you want to haul
  • Can make good money through shipping!

Requirements for Hot Shot Trucking

Anyone can be a hot shot trucker, but there are a few necessities to do the job right. First, you need a vehicle large enough to handle varying delivery loads. Typical vehicles for hot shot trucking are Class 3-5 medium-duty trucks (e.g. Ford F-350, Chevy Silverado 4500, Ram 5500).

You also need a trailer to haul equipment around with. The trailer type depends on which truck you use, as well as the types of loads you plan to haul. Gooseneck trailers seem to be the most common type out there, but hot shot truckers also use others like bumper pull trailers, lowboys, dovetails, enclosed trailers, and more.

Finally, you need the right trailer supplies and tie down equipment for safe transport. We've listed below some of the essential products needed for successful hot shot trucking.

    10 Equipment Items for Hot Shot Trucking

    Image of yellow ratchet strap with black flat hook

    1. Ratchet Straps

    Ratchet straps and tie downs are crucial for anyone looking to transport items with any type of trailer. For hot shot truckers, they keep plenty of these tie down straps on standby depending on the kind of load they pick up.

    Luckily, all our ratchet straps come in lengths of 20 ft. or longer (the necessary length for any tie down), and are available in 1", 2", 3" and 4" widths. Each ratchet strap comes with different end fittings for you to choose from, depending on your trailer's anchor points.

    grade 70 transport chain with red ratchet binder

    2. Transport Chain & Chain Binders

    Besides ratchet straps, another tie down option for hot shot trucking is grade 70 transport chain, which secures cargo to your trailer without any fear of it shifting or moving during transit. Chain is more durable than polyester webbing, and depending on the cargo you carry, this might be the better option for you. We also carry stronger tie down chain assemblies that offer stronger resistance to fatigue and abrasions, including Grade 80, Grade 100, and Grade 120 chain.

    Our chain binders, also known as load binders and load boomers, work to tighten the transport chain on your trailer to increase tension and prevent slacking. Ratchet binders contain a ratcheting component that reduces energy in the handle, making it safer and easier to tighten the chain. Lever binders, on the other hand, use leverage to for quicker tightening and easier use - however, they do increase the risk of snapback and recoil due to tensioning.

    trucker tightening winch strap into flatbed trailer winch with a winch bar

    3. Winch System

    Most hot shot trucking involves using a gooseneck flatbed trailer. With that said, installing winches for your flatbed tie down setup helps make the job easier for you. Working in conjunction with winch straps, these items tie down equipment and other freight to the flatbed trailer just as you would with ratchet straps.

    To complete your winch tie down setup, make sure to include winch bars that easily insert into the winch and makes tightening the straps less exhausting and more safe. For adjustable winches, you'll need a winch track, or winch rail, installed along the side of the flatbed trailer.

    black trailer tarp covering cargo on a flatbed trailer with winch tie down straps

    4. Tarps

    Tarps are another important element to flatbed trailer equipment. This thick layer of PVC-coated polyester works to protect your cargo and other equipment from damage during transit. And when secured to the trailer with durable rubber tarp straps, you can rest assured your hot shot trucking delivery will be safe and sound once it arrives to its destination.

    NOTE: Not all tarps are made equal, so you will want to read up on which tarp is right for your trailer setup. US Cargo Control offers different types and makes of truck tarps that stand up to harsh elements such as road debris, wind, rain, snow, dirt, and more. We also design custom tarps that fit to your specific needs.

    stainless steel mounting d-ring from us cargo control

    5. D-Rings

    D-rings provide essential anchor points for your trailer. These durable hardware components work with S-hookssnap hooks, grab hooks, and most other ratchet strap end fittings.

    With hot shot trucking, you'll be taking on different-sized loads, so the good thing about D-rings is that you can configurate whatever setup you want for you trailer tie down system. And if you don't plan on using every single D-ring as an anchor point, then try recessed D-Rings on your trailer which stay out of the way when not in use.

    blue corner protector on cargo protecting it from tightened winch strap

    6. Corner Protectors

    When tying down cargo, your straps can get really tight and potentially damage whatever it is that you're transporting. With corner protectors, you provide a barrier between the strap and cargo that prevents cuts, abrasions, and damage from overtightening. This reduces headaches for hot shot truckers in a hurry to tie down their cargo.

    Most corner protectors are V-Boards (Vee Boards) and offered in both plastic, felt, and metal steel materials. Cordura® protective sleeves also provides a protective layer for the nylon webbing from cuts, tears, and from fraying. There are also plastic corner protectors for tarps that keep sharp cargo edges from ripping and tearing into the tarp material. 

    wire rope used in a winch for towing and rigging

    7. Wire Rope

    Wire rope provides a wide variety of applications for hot shot trucking, from keeping cargo secure on trailers, to towing and auto hauling, to lifting and rigging. Most of the time, wire rope assemblies are created using wire rope clips to create attachable loops for rigging and towing, but also as a tie down alternative.

      Aircraft cable is the most common type of wire rope, as it's used for general assemblies and applications. Wire rope comes in a variety of makes, diameters, and coatings for added protection from water, corrosion, and wear-and-tear.

      black heavy duty coil rack for flatbed trailers

      8. Coil Racks & Coil Mats

      Hot shot trucking involves delivering a wide variety of load types, including coils. To be prepared for these loads, truckers need both coil racks and coil mats available for proper securement. Coil racks can be applied for both parallel ("shotgun") or cross-directional ("suicide") setups to the trailer itself and keep coil racks in place during transit.

      Coil racks are available in standard and heavy duty sizes (heavy duty is compliant with ASTM A36 protocol) along with rubber friction coil mats to prevent the coil from sliding around on the trailer.

      beacon light flashing on pickup truck

      9. Vehicle Safety Supplies

      While there aren't a lot of requirements for hot shot trucking, there are still rules and regulations for hauling cargo across different states and along interstate freeways. That being said, a small investment into ensuring you follow FMCSA and DOT protocol includes proper vehicle safety supplies to keep you and other drivers safe on the road.

      Wheel chocks are an important component that keeps your truck and trailer stable when loading/unloading cargo. Other supplies like reflective conspicuity tape and LED lighting keeps you visible at night or during inclement weather, and alerts drivers of you hauling cargo. Safety is of the utmost importance on the road, so supply yourself with the right supplies to keep you and other safe.

      aluminum double door tool box with diamond plates

      10. Tool Boxes

      Finally, to keep all of your equipment and accessories together, tool boxes add storage space to the back of your trailer or truck for easy organization and accessibility. With different style tool boxes made with both durable and lightweight material, you can get the right-sized tool box to make tying down for hot shot trucking much easier.


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