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9" Rubber Tarp Straps - Natural Rubber

Maximum Stretch: 14"
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15" Rubber Tarp Straps - Natural Rubber

Maximum Stretch: 23"
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21" Rubber Tarp Straps - Natural Rubber

Maximum Stretch: 32"
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31" Rubber Tarp Straps - Natural Rubber

Maximum Stretch: 47"
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41" Rubber Tarp Straps - Natural Rubber

Maximum Stretch: 62"
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9" Rubber Tarp Straps - EPDM Rubber

Maximum Stretch: 14"
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15" Rubber Tarp Straps - EPDM Rubber

Maximum Stretch: 22.5"
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21" Rubber Tarp Straps - EPDM Rubber

Maximum Stretch: 31.5"
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31" Rubber Tarp Straps - EPDM Rubber

Maximum Stretch: 46.5"
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41" Rubber Tarp Straps - EPDM Rubber

Maximum Stretch: 61.5"
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Replacement Rubber Tarp Strap Hooks: 100-Count Bag

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Rubber Tarp Strap Measured Length

Rubber Tarp Strap Length

Our rubber tarp straps are excellent for a variety of tie down uses. Designed with rubber and wire S-hooks, they're ideal tie down straps for securing tarps as well as cargo on trailers, trucks, campers, etc.

Although rubber tarp straps may all look alike, there can be difference in the rubber. We carry rubber tarp straps made from both natural rubber as well as EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer - M-class) rubber. Natural rubber straps are good for cooler, northern climates because they will not become brittle, crack or tear in freezing temperatures. Straps in EPDM rubber are an excellent choice for hot climates and extended sun exposure since they can better resist degrading from UV rays. A natural rubber tarp strap will also have slightly more stretch and will snap back more readily to its original state than EPDM.

We offer a variety of lengths of rubber straps to work for nearly any light-duty tie-down job. Choose from 9", 15", 21", 31" and 41", all available in bundles of 10 or boxes of 50.

All straps have a 2" S-hook on each end and are designed with the rubber fitting snug round the hook to reduce the chances of slipping. The 9", 15", 31" and 41" lengths in both natural rubber and EPDM are uncrimped, so the hooks can be removed. The 21" size in natural rubber is crimped. The hooks make it easy to attach to the holes in the sides of a truck bed as well as hooks, pan fittings and anchor point tie downs on other trailers and vehicles. Rubber tarp straps are measured from bottom of hook to bottom of hook.

Our tarp tie downs are available in quantities of 10 or 50. Need lots of quality tarp straps? Discounts are available, call for more information.

Other Tie Down Options

Rubber tarp straps are a great choice for smaller, light-duty jobs. If you need tie-down equipment in custom lengths or with less or more elongation, check these additional options:

Bungee cords:

Also available in a range of sizes, bungee cords are great for securing bicycles, lawn and garden equipment, boxes or other odd-shaped items to a truck, trailer, RV, etc. A bungy cord also handy for bundling together smaller items to make them easier to store or to carry.Bungee straps are also sometimes misspelled as bungie cords or bungy cord.

Shock Cord:

Shock cord is simply bulk bungee cord without the hooks already attached so you can cut to length and add bungee cord hooks to create your own custom length tie down straps. It"s also sometimes called simply "elastic straps" in the industry.

Rubber rope:

A good choice if you need a tie-down length that isn"t readily available. Simply combine a length of rubber rope and a rubber rope hook to create your own custom rubber strap.

Tie-down straps:

Tie down equipment like cam straps and ratchet straps, truck straps, car tie down straps and other cargo straps offer a wide variety of fittings, from buckles to hooks. Some are designed to fit Airline track / L-track or E-track or even smaller single anchor points.


Rope is available in many variations, so it's best to choose what you need based on the job you"ll be using it for. We offer a wide selection, from synthetics like solid braid nylon rope to all-natural diamond braid sash cord, with most available in both custom lengths and by the coil.


Like cam straps and other strapping, webbing is extremely versatile. If you need some stretch, nylon webbing is a good choice. Polyester webbing is similar but has less stretch. Like rubber rope, webbing works great if you need a custom length strap. Simply add tie down hardware to the length of webbing you need, to create a tie down made specifically for the job.
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