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9" Rubber Tarp Straps - Natural Rubber

Maximum Stretch: 14"
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15" Rubber Tarp Straps - Natural Rubber

Maximum Stretch: 23"
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21" Rubber Tarp Straps - Natural Rubber

Maximum Stretch: 32"
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31" Rubber Tarp Straps - Natural Rubber

Maximum Stretch: 47"
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41" Rubber Tarp Straps - Natural Rubber

Maximum Stretch: 62"
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Living in the Midwest means surviving long winter seasons and while we know standing out in very chilly temperatures is risky, we also need the right rubber tarp straps to survive the cold. Natural Rubber Tarp Straps are recommended and the perfect choice to use for the winter and cooler climates. If you are looking for tarps and other accessories to use with the tarp straps, check out our Flatbed Tarps "" Steel & Lumber Tarps,Tie Down Straps, and Tie Down Hardware to fit your tiedown needs. If you would like a kit that has all supplies to keep you moving around with no problem, check out our Flatbed Starter Kits. These heavy duty rubber tarp straps are unique because they can stretch further than EPDM Rubber Tarp Straps and can return to its non-stretched, normal length quicker.

These straps are the ideal items to use for the winter, but not for the summer. The EPDM tarp straps are commonly used for the summer as it will fight against extreme hot temperatures, and if they are used in cooler climates then it will crack easily and will not return to its normal state after it"s been stretched. Natural Rubber tarp straps are to be used in colder climates because it will not break and become brittle. These rubber tarp straps with hooks are also a great choice for any truck driver or contractor, and they can be stored away in the cab of a truck or compartment.

Rubber straps are relatively cheap to buy, and you can get a better deal and discount if you buy them in large quantities of 50-pack. The most popular search is the 21" rubber tarp straps but we also carry other lengths: 9", 15", 31", 41".

You can trust US Cargo for your tiedown needs at the price you want. If you have any questions about our Natural Rubber Tarp Straps or any of its associated accessories, contact our sales team.

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