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Shock Cord

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1/8''-3mm Black Polyester Shock Cord

Standard Lead Time 3-4 business days.
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SKU: SHC1850

3/16''-5mm Black Polyester Shock Cord

Standard Lead Time 3-4 business days.
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SKU: SHC31650

1/4''-6mm Black Polyester Shock Cord

Standard Lead Time 3-4 business days.
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SKU: SHC1450

3/8''-9mm Black Polyester Shock Cord

Standard Lead Time 3-4 business days.
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SKU: SHC3850

1/2''-12mm Black Polyester Shock Cord

Standard Lead Time 3-4 business days.
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SKU: SHC1250

1/4'' PVC Coated Bungee Hook (6 MM) - 10 Pack


3/8'' PVC Coated Bungee Hook (9 MM) - 10 Pack


1/2'' PVC Coated Bungee Hook (12 MM) - 10 Pack

Shock cord is an extremely versatile roping that is also sometimes described as a bungee cord without end hooks. Also known as bungee rope, elastic cord, or rubber cord, shock cords get its name from the snap back action of the elasticized design.

Constructed with a marine grade polyester jacket over a multi-strand rubber core, shock cords feature a consistent stretch and a long working life. The stretch factor of elastic shock cord is approximately 100-125% under full load. It"s important to remember that these figures can and will vary based on the age, condition, and past uses of the cording.

While some varieties of this versatile stretch cord are designed with a polypropylene jacket, ours has a rugged polyester cover, so it"s more resistant to cracks, splits, and breakage. Polyester also offers superior UV-resistant and abrasion-resistant characteristics. Because the polyester elevates it to a marine-grade quality, it"s excellent for water- and snow-based uses on snowmobile trailers, boats, etc.

The elastic rope design of shock cord makes it ideal for a variety of uses. The stretch factor allows for a "give" when in use, so it"s preferable over traditional rope for creating custom tie downs when securing a truck tarp, canopy, party tent, etc. Smaller diameters (1/8" and 3/16") are great for lightweight applications such as replacement tent poles or tent pole repair.

Our black shock cord selection is available in large spools of 50 foot, 100 foot, 300 foot, or 500 foot, which is a more economical choice than a typical bungee cord by the foot offering. Bulk bungee cord on a spool also makes it easy to cut to any designed length; add bungee hooks to create your own custom black bungee cord tie downs.

Other tie down options

If you need tie-down equipment in a longer length or with more or less elongation, other options include:

Tarp straps are designed with rubber and wire S-hooks, making them ideal for tying down cargo on trailers, trucks, campers, etc. We carry rubber tarp straps made from both natural rubber as well as EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer - M-class) rubber. A natural rubber is best for cooler, northern climates because they will not become crack, tear, or become brittle in freezing temperatures. EPDM rubber tarp straps are an excellent choice for hot climates and extended UV exposure since they resist degrading from the sun"s rays.

Rubber rope: Rubber rope is another good choice if you need a tie-down length that isn"t readily available. Just combine a length of rubber rope and a rubber rope hook to create a custom-length rubber strap for your needs.

Bungee cords: Also available in a range of sizes, bungee cords are great for securing bicycles, lawn and garden equipment, boxes or other odd-shaped items to a truck, trailer, RV, etc. Also spelled as bungie cord, or bungy cord, they"re also handy for bundling together smaller items to make them easier to store or to carry.

Tie-down straps: Tie down equipment like ratchet straps and cam straps offer a wide variety of fittings, from hooks to buckles and loops. Some are designed to fit E-track or Airline track/ L-track rails, while others can be easily used with smaller single anchor points you install or already have on a truck or trailer.

Rope: Our selection of rope and cordage is available in so many variations, it's best to choose what you need based on the job you"ll be using it for. We offer a wide selection, from polypropylene rope to an all-natural twisted cotton rope, with most available in both custom lengths and by the coil.

Webbing: If you don"t see the cam strap or ratchet strap you need, you can purchase webbing and fittings separately to create custom tie downs. If you need some stretch, choose nylon webbing; if not, go with polyester webbing choose a seat belt webbing, which is also polyester but with a slightly thinner profile.
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