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Bungee Cords

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1/4" Black Bungee Cords - 6mm

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5/16" Black Bungee Cords - 8mm

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SKU: BC51612-10PK

3/8" Black Bungee Cords - 9mm

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1/2" Black Bungee Cords - 12mm

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6'' Black Ball Bungees (bundle of 100)


9'' Black Ball Bungees (bundle of 100)


11'' Black Ball Bungees (bundle of 100)

SKU: BBB11-100PK

Rubber Bungee Cords

Sometimes spelled bungie cord, bunge cord, bungi cord, or bungy cord, versatile rubber bungee cords are one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can have on hand. Bungees combine a rubber cord core inside, surrounded by a polyurethane jacket, with hooks on each end.

We sell a variety of sizes and lengths of bungee cord, from 12" to 48" length. A bungee cord is measured from the ends of the hooks. 

measuring a bungee cord

All are tough and durable, with continuous strands of rubber forming the core. A polypropylene fabric jacket resists abrasion and UV rays, and stands up to harsh weather condition. Wire bungee hooks have PVC coating to prevent scratching. We also sell replacement bungee hooks.

The simple design combining stretch, strength and attachment points is what makes them extremely versatile:

  • Tie down nearly any type of cargo to a trailer, truck, rooftop car carrier, RV, etc. Can also be used as part of a motorcycle tie downs system.

  • Attach tarp over cargo.

  • Secure specialized gear like tool boxes, camping supplies, sports equipment, etc. to work vehicles, campers, boats, etc.

  • Bundle items together such as lumber, kindling, tent poles, sports equipment, etc. to make them easier to store or carry.

  • Secure tools or sports equipment to the wall of a shop, garage or shed.

  • The action of the stretch cords are great for keeping lids on cans and boxes.

  • Hold doors or gates open.

  • Bundle cords, chains, etc. together for easy carrying or storage.

*WARNING: Use extreme caution when stretching cord over a cord. Keep face and other body parts away from the cord's rebound path.

Ball bungee cords are a variation of bungee cords, but designed with balls on the elastic bungee length to easily loop and secure into place.

If you're not sure which ball bungee cords or heavy duty bungee cord would work best for your job, call one of our sales specialists. They'll be happy to answer any questions you have, or help you place an order.

Other Tie Down Options:

In addition to our black bungee cord straps, we also carry several other options for tie-down uses:

Tarp straps are designed with rubber and wire S-hooks, making them ideal for tying down cargo on trailers, trucks, campers, etc. We carry rubber tarp straps made from both natural rubber as well as EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer - M-class) rubber. A natural rubber is best for cooler, northern climates because they will not become crack, tear, or become brittle in freezing temperatures. EPDM rubber tarp straps are an excellent choice for hot climates and extended UV exposure since they resist degrading from the sun's rays.

Shock cord: Often called bungee rope or bulk bungee cord, shock cord is similar to bungee cords without the end hooks. The elastic strap combines a multi-strand rubber core with a marine-grade polyester cover for a consistent stretch (its stretch factor is about 100-125% under full load). Because it's considered "marine grade," it's excellent for water-based uses. Shock cords is economical because it can be made into a custom-length tie down by adding PVC-coated bungee cord hooks.

Rubber rope: Rubber rope is another good choice if you need a tie-down length that isn't readily available. Just combine a length of rubber rope and a rubber rope hook to create a custom-length rubber strap for your needs.

Tie-down straps: Tie down equipment like cam straps offer a wide variety of fittings, from buckles to hooks. Some are designed to fit Airline track / L-track or E-track or even smaller single anchor points.

Rope: Rope and cord are available in so many variations, it best to choose what you need based on the job you'll be using it for. We offer a wide selection, from water-resistant polypropylene rope to all-natural twisted cotton rope, with most available in both custom lengths and by the coil.

Webbing: If you don't see the cam strap or ratchet strap you need, you can purchase webbing and fittings separately to create custom tie downs. If you need some stretch, choose nylon webbing; if not, go with Polyester webbing or seat belt webbing.

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