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Image of BlackLine ratchet strap

How to Use a Ratchet Strap

Some of the most common questions we receive from our customers are mostly about the use of a ratchet strap. Similarly to the questions about break strengths, working load limits, and safety guidelines, are those about how to use these versatile tie down straps: "How to thread a these straps,” “How to release these straps,” or something similar.

If you've never used one of these versatile tie down straps, then assembling one for the first time can be confusing. Firstly, check out the video above about ratchet straps and cam straps, which shows how to put together an assembly. We've also created the handy photo demonstration below for quick and easy reference.

Tie Down Straps from U.S. Cargo Control

We offer a wide variety of ratchet straps, from different lengths, widths, and types suitable for specific applications. A majority of our straps are primarily made with polyester webbing, and also work on all types of trailers and truck beds. Make sure to check out some of our products below and see which one works best for your tie down needs:




You can also request custom tie down straps from our product experts if you don't see the right size, length, or fit for your needs. 

All of our straps are also DOT-approved and are manufactured with labels attached that include break strength and work load limit information. They also meet several requirements, including:

  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) guidelines

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations

  • Web Sling & Tie Down Association (WSTDA)

  • California Highway Patrol (CHP)

  • North American Cargo Securement

Learn more from our comprehensive guide on ratchet straps.

How to Use Ratchet Strap - Step-By-Step

infographic for how to use a ratchet strap

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Have questions? Reach out to our product experts by calling (866) 444-9990 or emailing today! 

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