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L-Track vs. E-Track: Which Tie Down System is Right For You?

Trying to decide whether L-Track or E-Track is the better choice for your tie down needs? It depends on where you'll be installing it. Whether you're a truck owner, a logistics professional, or someone in the shipping industry, choosing the right cargo securement system is paramount. 

Read more below on the differences between these two popular tracks and determine which one - E-Track or L-Track - is best for your needs.


image of aluminum L-track
L-Track, also sometimes called "airline track or logistic track, is versatile enough to be installed just about anywhere. It consists of a series of parallel aluminum or steel tracks mounted to walls, floors, or ceilings of vehicles, trailers, and pickup truck beds. Generally, the narrow width of the track works great for installing in hard-to-reach areas, creating a low profile for custom tie down points. The tracks contain multiple round openings for quick and easy attachment using spring fittings. This makes for easy attachment when securing your items with the proper-sized L-Track straps.

If you want added versatility for lightweight applications, then you need L-Track. The track contains pre-drilled holes for easy installation anywhere along your truck bed or trailer, and its modular design allows you to reconfigure and customize your tie down setup as needed. This makes it super convenient to adapt to different cargo sizes.

US Cargo Control provides many different styles of L-Track to suit your specifications. All L-Track rails are made with an aluminum or black painted finish for durable protection against the outdoor elements. The lengths of these rails range from 6" to 96" long.

L-Track products are available in four different types:



image of galvanized e-track
E-Track is another popular cargo management system characterized by horizontal or vertical metal tracks. This product features slots that run parallel to each other, providing anchor points for straps, hooks, and other fittings. Made of 12-gauge steel rails, these products work in a variety of different ways for many different vehicles and trailers.

For those wanting durable tie down rails, E-Track may be the better choice. The design for heavy-duty applications provides robust anchoring and security. Plus, E-Track works best for vertical restraint inside enclosed van trailers. Using E-Track straps and fittings, truckers can keep taller cargo secured to the walls and prevent any lateral movement during transit.
US Cargo Control also offers many configurations of E-Track for quick and easy installation in your truck or trailer. All E-Track rails are made with steel and coated with a galvanized or painted finish for increased resistance and product longevity. Lengths include 2', 5', 8', and 10'.

E-Track rails are available in two options:


Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing between L-Track and E-Track depends on your tie down needs and your truck or trailer setup. Both L-Track and E-Track are incredibly strong and versatile. However, E-Track tends to work better for heavier-duty cargo with the added benefit of securing tall or stacked cargo items to trailer walls. L-Track, on the other hand, had better versatility and allows you more options to create custom tie down setups.

No matter which option you choose, E-Track and L-Track from US Cargo Control are both high-quality tie down trails guaranteed to keep your cargo safe and secure. For more information on these tie down systems, read our additional articles and resources listed below!


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