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Why Should I Use L-Track as a Tie-Down System?

Why Should I Use L-Track as a Tie-Down System?

L Track, black.

It's that time of year again. Time to get out those dirt bikes, motorcycles and ATVs and enjoy the summer sunshine. If you're in the market for a new tie-down system, you might want to consider L-track, also known as logistic track.

This tie-down system is incredibly versatile. It incorporates aluminum rails, fittings and straps to secure both commercial and consumer cargo to pickup beds, trailers, vans and enclosed trailers. L-track features several round openings where people install fittings to create custom tie-down points for whatever they are hauling.

US Cargo Control offers L-track is a variety of colors: black, blue, olive, orange, red, green and traditional aluminum. People like to have the color selection so they can consider coordinating with their vehicle and straps. All of the colored L-track features a power-coated finish to resist damage and protect the metal. USCC stocks 6'', 12'', 24'', 72'' and 96''.

L-track can also be customized by special order, just call one of our sales specialists at 855-206-6269.

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