Horizontal E-track vs. Vertical E-track

By Christine Halvorsen • 12.08.21
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There’s no question that e-track can add incredible versatility to an enclosed trailer, van trailer, truck or flatbed trailer. By creating numerous tie-down points, you can safely secure and haul a variety of cargo- from motorcycles and ATVs to pallets and construction supplies. But what are the differences between horizontal E track and vertical E track and which is the best choice for your needs?

Vertical E-track

visual of vertical e-track

Vertical e-track has rectangular slots that run parallel with the e-track rail. This item work best in van trailers and provides a support system for shoring beams (or "decking beams"), which creates a second level for cargo. Compared to horizontal e-track, vertical e-track has a narrower profile and permits d-rings to be mounted perpendicular to the floor. Our vertical E-track comes in 5' sections.

Horizontal E-track

Visual of horizontal e-track

Horizontal e-track has rectangular slots that run perpendicular (at 90 degree angles) to the track rail. This provides more anchor points per foot. Horizontal etrack installed on the walls of a trailer gives you not only anchor points for tie-downs, but also allows you to secure equipment such as spare tires or other objects flat against the wall. Our horizontal E-track comes in 2', 5', 8' and 10' sections.

Both horizontal etrack and vertical etrack come in galvanized steel and a dark green powder-coat finish. E-tracks can be mounted on the floor or bed of a trailer, on the walls of enclosed trailers and vans. Although the profile of each styles differs slightly, our e-track fittings, e-track tie downs, wood end sockets, will fit in both styles.

The only exception is our plastic end caps for e-track, which will work only for horizontal track. So which e-track is right for your job? The type of cargo (size, weight, amount, etc.) you intend to transport should be the primary factor in choosing either vertical e-track or horizontal e-track.

Learn more about E-track - including a general product overview, installation tips, and more.

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