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Hot Shot Trailer
Hot Shot Trailer

Hot Shotting Transportation Supplies

While hot shot trucking differs in several important ways from flatbed trucking, many of the trailer accessories are the same. US Cargo Control offers a wide selection of products to help you secure your haul and protect your equipment.

Hot Shot Trucking Tie Down Hardware

Make sure your load is securely situated on your hot shot trailer with tie down supplies such as tarps and tarp straps, transport chains, corner protectors, and more.

Ratchet straps are available in several different widths (one inch, two inch, three inch, and four inch), colors, and styles to meet a wide range of application demands. Our tie down anchor selection is just as versatile - you can choose from bolt-on, weld-on, tie-down, and recessed to find the perfect fit for your setup.

If you are looking for winch equipment, we carry a number of winchesstrapsbars, and track.

Trailer Safety Equipment

Safeguard your business with additional trucking supplies from US Cargo Control.

A headache rack offers both you and your truck protection from materials that might come loose during a trip, and a tool box allows you to keep important tools or repair parts on-hand at all times to reduce downtime.

Driver accessories like wheel chocks and high-visibility clothing help to create additional security measures and make it easy to put safety first.

Questions? Need help figuring out where to start? Our product specialists are standing by to help - just give us a call!