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Heavy Duty Lumber Tarps

A flatbed lumber tarp is intended for specialized lumber hauling or lumber storage, but can be used as an all-purpose cover to protect a variety of loads like hay, pallets, and other bulky cargo.

Our tarps are water-resistant, offering superior strength and durability against wind, rain, snow, and sun. They also have an end flap to seal the corners so you can be confident your shipment will arrive at its destination undamaged.

Lumber Tarp Sizes

Roughly two flatbed lumber tarps are needed to go across the entire surface of a load on a standard 48" or 53" flatbed trailer. We offer several sizes so you can find the combination that best fits your application:

16' x 28' 24' x 18'
20' x 16' 24' x 20'
20' x 18' 24' x 28'
20' x 20' 25' x 27'
20' x 27' 28' x 28'
20' x 28'


These sizes come with different drop and flap lengths, ranging from four to ten feet. The length you choose depends on the height of your load - for many, the 8 foot drop lumber tarp is the standard choice.

The sides and tail flap are fitted with grommets, and two or three rows of oversized D-rings run the length of the tarp, making the tie down process simple.

Lumber Tarp Material

Our tarps are made of high-quality material to ensure a long lifespan and superior performance.

We offer two types of PVC-coated polyester tarps: 18 oz. and 14 oz. The 18 oz. is considered the heavy-duty option, while the 14 oz. is considered lightweight.

The polyester is UV-, mildew-, and water-resistant for superior performance.

14 oz. and 18 oz. material:

14oz and 18oz tarp material comparison graphic

Heavy Duty Tarps

Our heavy duty lumber tarps can handle more stress and won't tear as easily. They offer better protection against road debris and the weather.

Lightweight Lumber Tarps

Lightweight models allow for easier physical handling and portability without a significant drop in quality.

Ultra Lightweight Lumber Tarps

Made from a combination of heavy-duty 18 oz. vinyl and 6 oz. nylon fabric, these parachute tarps are more flexible and weigh less than comparably-sized tarps made of different material.

6 oz. material:

6oz tarp material graphic

Combo Tarps

Combo lumber tarps use the same 18 oz. material as our heavy duty lumber tarps on the top section and tail flap areas most susceptible to high levels of stress. The side panels are made from the 14 oz. fabric, so they aren't as heavy.

We also carry a different kind of combo tarp - a three-piece version with two lumber tarps and one steel tarp to make up the ends and middle, respectively. This splits the weight over three separate sections.

Lumber Tarp Rain Flaps

Our lumber tarps come equipped with robust and durable rain flaps, providing an extra layer of defense against the elements. 

Designed to shield your cargo from rain, sleet, snow, and other unpredictable weather conditions, rain flaps act as a reliable barrier against moisture. Designed not only to weather the storm but also to withstand the rigors of long-distance hauling, they ensure your cargo arrives at its destination in optimal condition.

Steel Tarps vs. Lumber Tarps

Given we offer 3-piece lumber tarps that include both steel and lumber tarps, what's the difference between the two styles?

The main difference is the size. Since steel tarps are designed to cover lower-profile items, they don't need to be as large. They are both made from the same heavy duty polyester material, so both provide similar levels of protection for your cargo.

Truck Lumber Tarp Protection

Minimizing the abrasion of the tarp against the load will help extend its life. Tightly secure the tarp with plenty of rubber tarp straps and rubber rope, along with other tie down equipment to limit damage from whipping in the wind. Also, pad sharp edges of the load with corner protectors or moving blankets.

Tarp Repair

Don't delay in fixing cuts and holes. On-the-spot tarp repair kits can keep minor damage from becoming a larger problem, saving you valuable time and money.

Comprehensive Tarp Solutions

At US Cargo Control, we proudly serve as your reliable partner for all your fleet tarp and cargo tie-down needs. We offer a wide range of advantages that truly distinguish us from the competition, including custom product capabilities and a dedicated account manager to offer you support and guidance based on your unique business needs.

Our commitment to your success includes competitive bulk pricing on large quantity orders, which ensures you save substantially while securing top-quality products. We sell heavy-duty tarps in various style, size, and color combinations to accommodate a wide range of flatbed trucking needs, including steel, machinery, coil, smoke/nose, and roll/dump truck options.

And for businesses just starting out, our flatbed starter kits are available for transporting lumber, steel, or both. Priced for extra value, each has the necessary tarps and supplies conveniently packaged for new drivers and growing companies.


Having trouble choosing between a 6 foot drop lumber tarp or an 8 foot drop tarp? Need a custom size, style, or color? Call our sales team today!

Don't forget to check out our full selection of trailer tarps and other flatbed accessories such as winch straps, winches, and winch bars.