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Guy Wire Turnbuckles

Guy Wire Turnbuckles

Guy Wire Turnbuckle Tensioner

A guy wire turnbuckle is used to take up slack and reduce tension in your rigging or guying application.

Consisting of a body and two end fittings - one right-hand threaded and one left-hand threaded - turnbuckles are a valuable tool for anyone working with wire rope.

You simply connect the end fittings to the guy wire end or a securement point, then turn the body of the turnbuckle to adjust the tension. Since each end fitting has a different thread direction, turning the body will tighten both sides.

Their galvanized finish offers weather-resistance in the form of corrosion-protection.

Turnbuckle End Fittings

Depending on your setup, there are two end fittings you can choose from. Both offer secure attachment points, but differ in what kind of hardware they can connect to.

Jaw & Jaw Turnbuckles

The jaw & jaw turnbuckles are designed to work with closed hardware, such as an eye. You can remove the nut/pin and the bolt, connect the jaw to the hardware, and then secure the bolt again.

Jaw & Eye Turnbuckles

Jaw & eye turnbuckles have two different end fittings. One is a jaw, and the other is an eye. The eye will connect with shackles and other hardware that can open.

Brand Options

In addition to our standard guy wire turnbuckles, US Cargo Control also carries a selection from Van Beest and Crosby®.

Van Beest Turnbuckles

Both the jaw & jaw and jaw & eye turnbuckles from Van Beest are high-quality and European-made. They are made from drop-forged, high-tensile steel SAE 1035 or 1045.

Crosby® Turnbuckles

Crosby® guy wire turnbuckles (both the jaw & eye and jaw & jaw) are made in the USA. They meet or exceed all requirements of ASME B30.26, as well as other critical performance requirements like fatigue life and impact properties.

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